2021 New Zealand Impact Report

We believe it is critical that New Zealand continues to provide high quality career opportunities to our young people. There are several pathways we use to attract people to the business, including the traditional university application process conducted each year around March.​

Over the last several years, as competition for talent has heated up and we have developed new business strategies, we have also created different pathways to enter Deloitte.​

New scholarship opportunities allow young people to complete tertiary education and provide opportunities to join us.​

Community partnerships we offer, and client relationships hold provide new opportunities to people who are often underserved to bring their skills and talents into Deloitte which in turn helps us increase our diversity and cultural competency, as well as bring new perspectives to our client work.



Deloitte Cadetships  ​

With a finite number of experienced cloud experts in the market and an exponentially growing demand for cloud services, Deloitte Digital are taking the opportunity to challenge our traditional avenues of recruitment. By taking a long-term approach to talent development, our cadetship looks at growing the next generation of cloud experts from the ground up. ​

Our cadetship programme offers permanent positions to high potential candidates with no existing qualifications or experience. By investing in the training and development of incoming cadets, we will see dozens of new people entering the cloud-ecosystem with the qualifications, certifications and skills needed to be successful in supporting our clients. ​

We began our first pilot in the first quarter of FY22 and have currently taken two cohorts through the programme, with recruitment on-going for additional cohorts.​

Eva Sherwood, Director, Consulting​

Through WorldClass we aim to develop job skills, improve educational outcomes and expand opportunities for 100 million people worldwide by 2030. Since launching in 2017, the people of Deloitte have reached 11.7 million individuals . ​

As a people business, we believe we make the greatest societal impact by enabling our professionals to use their skills and knowledge to help those from underrepresented segments of society achieve their aspirations and fulfil their potential.​

To achieve this here in New Zealand, we use our signature social innovation programme Deloitte Grow, work directly with youth and educators, as well as partnering with community leaders who share similar values and objectives.​

We were very excited this year that our Deloitte Asia Pacific Southeast Asia firm saw applicability in the Deloitte Grow curriculum and scaled it with a client collaboration to support the next generation of cocoa farmers in Indonesia.  That is the power of Deloitte Asia Pacific and WorldClass in action – sharing and scaling.​

Living our purpose is more important than ever before, so we will be amplifying our efforts to contribute to the doubled global WorldClass target, raised from 50 to 100 million lives.​

Deloitte Grow​

Grow is Deloitte New Zealand’s signature social innovation programme. It was co-designed with high school students and teachers and is delivered by Deloitte professionals.​

Delivered since 2017, Grow encourages year 11 and 12 high school youth, aged between 14 – 17, to explore possibilities for themselves beyond school, through participation in an entrepreneurial group challenge. Throughout the 6-week program, students practice techniques such as formal introductions and creative problem solving, while being coached by Deloitte professionals to plan and launch their own small business idea. In addition to the basic business concepts, they learn from their coaches, students are also encouraged and empowered to build soft skills such as collaboration, confidence and self-reflection and awareness.​

In the period until 31 May 2021, we have reached a total of 1450 students in 45 schools, and 190 of our Deloitte professionals have had the opportunity to be coaches.  Often, the coach learnings are greater than the students – with the chance to work in a very different environment than a typical client setting!​

We are looking forward to engaging with more students and educators in the years to come.​



Deloitte Grow - An Educator's Perspective​

"The Deloitte Grow program adds value to Marcellin College by allowing our students to engage with a real-life, external business. The programme enhances the student learning experience by building connections through the variety of learning outcomes it puts in front of the students and engages them with business opportunities. ​

What I enjoy is the excitement that the students feel while they are learning the ins and outs of an actual micro-business while supporting them to explore ideas and try new things. Working with Deloitte coaches creates a rapport and develops the student's connections not only with their peers, but also their school and local community.   ​

As an educator, it enables me to present to the students a new opportunity to do something practical, something in real life that is not an experiment, a case study - it allows my students to go out there and do something by themselves. ​

Students can use and develop skills they have but may not have acknowledged having. I am proud to see my students work with those they never thought they would, approach other people for guidance and support, working through their differences and coming to a successful conclusion.  ​

Deloitte Grow allows me to set myself apart from other streams within the learning community, it enhances the mana of our school Business department and the learning opportunities we seek for our students. "​

- Bhan Singh, Head of Faculty/Kaiarataki Tauhoko - Commerce, Marcellin College ​

Click here to view our Deloitte Grow video

Ignite Consultants

On an annual basis, members of our Dunedin office support students from the University of Otago as mentors through the Ignite Consultants Programme. This programme provides students across all disciplines with the opportunity to gain experience as a consultant. 

Groups of 4-5 students are allocated a not-for-profit or charitable organisations from the Dunedin area, and with support from their mentors, students identify areas of improvement for the organisation, and provide recommendations for improving operational efficiency, which might include improvements in areas such as marketing, social media, strategy, and human resources.

As well as receiving support from their mentors, including critical thinking and commercial insights, students are exposed to business and commercial activity and an opportunity to understand the role of a consultant. They also receive a NZQA approved micro-credential for their academic transcripts.

Kyle Cameron, Partner, Deloitte Private
Claire Williams, Manager, Clients & Sectors

HATCH Pacific​

Deloitte and the Pås Peau team has been supporting the Pacific Business Trust with the development and delivery of its redesigned youth entrepreneurship programme – HATCH Pacific.  The programme enables young Pasifika to transform their ideas into viable businesses.​

HATCH Pacific offers a set of business programmes, anchored on Pasifika values, that develops future young Pasifika entrepreneurs and business owners through early stages of ideation and business set up, leveraging some of the following key success factors:​

  • Building confidence in cultural identity and values.​
  • Providing pastoral support and direction. ​
  • Building a network of Pasifika businesses. ​
  • Providing role models for success.​
  • Education of core business concepts. ​
  • Providing blueprints and visions for future success.​




Westlake Cyber Day​

Deloitte Auckland’s Cyber Team hosted a group of 13 students and 2 teachers from Westlake Girls High School for a full day of STEM related learning.  

With the globally shared notion that the demand for professionals in cyber and technology industries will only keep on growing, the team set out to raise awareness for young women in New Zealand high schools. The aim was to get them more comfortable about cyber related topics and excited about a possible future career in this space.  ​

The day ended with a lunch panel with female Deloitte staff and open discussions. This was a great way to finish this engaging day with some real-life examples of women that successfully made their career in the cyber and technology spaces. ​

“It is imperative that we empower females to pursue careers in cyber and STEM fields to address the gender gap and increasing demand for talent. Through engagement with high-school students, our aim is to spark their interest and increase awareness of career pathways, so they feel empowered to pursue these opportunities outside of high-school.” ​

Emily Strang, Senior Consultant, Risk Advisory​