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New Zealand Partners and Directors

Talk to one of our New Zealand Partners or Directors about how they can help you.

Thomas Pippos - Chief Executive, Wellington
Ross Milne - Chairman, Auckland

Deloitte Private

Ross Milne - National Leader, Auckland
Aaron Hegan - Director, Wellington
Alex Wilson - Director, Rotorua
Andrew Gibbs - Partner, Wellington
Bill Hale - Partner, Auckland
Bronwyn Baird - Director, Christchurch
Campbell Rose - Partner, Auckland
Christy Burgess - Director, Wellington
Dan Hellyer
- Partner, Queenstown
Darren Johnson - Partner, Auckland
Darren White
- Partner, Auckland
David Jobling - Director, Auckland
Doug Wilson - Partner, Hamilton
Grant Jarrold - Partner, Christchurch
Grant Stewart - Partner, Christchurch
Hilton Joll - Partner, Hamilton
Ian Fay
- Partner, Wellington
Jamie Hall - Director, Auckland
Jon Bradley - Partner, Auckland
Joanne McCrae - Partner, Auckland
John McRae - Partner, Rotorua
Kyle Cameron - Partner, Dunedin 
Lee Gray - Partner, Wellington
Leon Wijohn - Partner, Auckland
Lynne Golds - Director, Wellington
Mark Lash - Partner, Wellington
Mike Horne - Partner, Dunedin
Paul Pettit - Partner, Wellington
Shari Carter - Partner, Christchurch
Stephen Nicholas - Partner, Wellington
Steven Brokenshire - Partner, Wellington
Stuart Darvill
- Director, Wellington
Tamarapa Lloyd - Partner, Rotorua

Actuarial Services

Richard Beauchamp - Partner, Auckland
Lee-Ann Du Toit - Director, Wellington


Audit & Assurance

Peter Gulliver - National Leader, Auckland
Andrew Boivin - Partner, Auckland
Andrew Burgess - Partner, Auckland
Andrew Dick - Partner, Auckland
Bennie Greyling
- Director, Auckland
Benoit Lancelot - Director, Auckland
Brendan Lyon - Partner, Auckland
Brett Tomkins - Partner, Auckland
Bruno Dente - Partner, Hamilton
Bryce Henderson - Partner, Auckland
Denise Hodgkins - Partner, Auckland
Heidi Rautjoki - Partner, Dunedin 
Jacqueline Robertson - Partner, Wellington
James Shepherd - Partner, Wellington
Jason Stachurski - Partner, Auckland
Lisa Cruickshank - Partner, Auckland
Melissa Collier - Partner, Auckland
Melissa Youngson - Partner, Hamilton
Michael Wilkes - Partner, Christchurch
Mike Hawken - Partner, Dunedin
Mike Hoshek - Partner, Christchurch
Paul Bryden - Partner, Christchurch
Silvio Bruinsma - Partner, Wellington
Trevor Deed - Partner, Wellington
Victoria Turner - Director, Auckland


Cobus Scholtz - National Leader, Wellington
Adithi Pandit - Partner, Wellington
Aravind Subramanian - Director, Auckland
Charles Bonfante - Director, Auckland
Chris Boggs - Director, Auckland
Chris Herbert - Partner, Wellington
Damian Harvey - Partner, Auckland
Darren Wood - Partner, Wellington
Dave Farrelly - Partner, Wellington
David Lovatt - Partner, Wellington
Deborah Lucas - Director, Wellington
Gareth Glover -  Partner, Auckland 
Glenn Bittle - Director, Auckland
Grant Frear - Partner, Auckland
Hamish Wilson - Partner, Auckland
James Clarke
 - Partner, Wellington
Jane Fitzgerald - Director, Auckland
Jayesh Rama - Director, Auckland
Jeff Brandt - Director, Wellington
Karel Bakkes- Partner, Auckland 
Keith McArley - Partner, Dunedin
Keith Robbins - Partner, Wellington 
Kirsten Mclay - Director, Wellington 
Lauren Foster - Director, Wellington
Leissa Wheatley - Director, Auckland
Marco Ciobo - Partner, Auckland
Matt Dalton - Partner, Auckland
Michael Millard - Director, Auckland
Paul Shallard - Partner, Auckland
Roger Lee - Director, Wellington 
Sebastian Krueger - Partner, Wellington
Sonia Breeze - Partner, Auckland
Steve Law - Partner, Christchurch
Terry Teoh - Director, Wellington
Thorsten Engel - Partner, Wellington
Tracy McElroy-Rivett - Director, Christchurch
Vicky Yeo - Partner, Auckland  
Wyn Ackroyd - Partner, Wellington


Corporate Finance

Alan Dent - National Leader, Wellington
Andrew Hirst - Partner, Auckland
Chas Cable - Partner, Auckland
Chloe Gautrin - Director, Auckland
David Morgan
 - Partner, Wellington 
David Webb - Partner, Auckland
Jane Fraser-Jones - Director, Wellington
John Marker - Partner, Auckland
John Tan - Partner, Wellington  
Linda Meade - Partner, Wellington
Kyle Callow - Director, Christchurch
Matthew Parker - Director, Wellington 
Muhammad Cajee - Director, Hamilton 
Rauno Engel - Director, Wellington 
Richard Bailey - Partner, Christchurch
Richard Dorset - Partner, Auckland
Rob McDonald - Director, Christchurch
Scott McClay - Partner, Christchurch
Simon Chapman - Partner, Auckland
Tim Arbuckle - Partner, Wellington
Tim Stables - Director, Auckland
William Word - Director, Auckland

Deloitte Access Economics

Linda Meade - Partner, Wellington
Jane Fraser-Jones - Director, Wellington


Barry Jordan - National Leader, Wellington
Jason Weir - Partner, Auckland 
Ian Tuke - Partner, Auckland
Lorinda Kelly - Director, Wellington


Barry Jordan - Partner, Wellington
David Levin - Partner, Auckland
David Vance - Partner, Wellington
David Webb - Partner, Auckland
Viv Mardsen-Ries - Director, Auckland

Risk Advisory

Aloysius Teh - National Leader, Wellington
Anu Nayar - Partner, Wellington
Barry Jordan
-  Forensics Leader, Wellington
Catherine Waugh - Partner, Wellington 
David Seath -  Partner, Christchurch
Faris Azimullah - Partner, Auckland
Ian Tuke
- Partner, Auckland
Jason Weir
- Partner, Auckland
Joanne Lu - Director, Wellington
Lorinda Kelly - Director, Wellington
Monika Wakeman - Director, Auckland
Reenesh Bhana - Director, Auckland
Roopa Raj - Director, Auckland


Peter Felstead - National Leader, Auckland 
Aaron Thorn - Partner, Christchurch
Alex Mitchell - Partner, Wellington
Allan Bullot - Partner, Auckland
Annamaria Maclean
- Partner, Auckland
Andrew Babbage - Partner, Wellington
Andrew Button - Partner, Christchurch
Annalie Hampton - Partner, Auckland
Bart de Gouw - Partner, Auckland
Bill Hale - Partner, Auckland
Bruce Wallace - Partner, Auckland
Campbell Rose - Partner, Auckland
Darren Johnson - Partner, Auckland
Darren White - Partner, Auckland
Diana Maitland - Partner, Wellington
Greg Haddon - Partner, Auckland
Greg Harris - Partner, Hamilton
Hadleigh Brock - Partner, Auckland
Iain Bradley - Partner, Auckland
Ian Fay - Partner, Wellington
James Arbuthnott  - Director, Wellington   
Jayesh Dahya - Director, Wellington
Jeanne du Buisson - Director, Auckland
Jenny Liu - Partner, Auckland
Joanne McCrae - Partner, Auckland
Kriselle Robinson - Director, Wellington  
Mark Lash
 - Partner, Wellington
Melanie Meyer - Partner, Wellington
Michael Mayes - Director, Christchurch
Neel Singh - Director, Auckland
Patrick McCalman - Partner, Wellington
Peter Truman - Partner, Dunedin
Phil Stevenson - Partner, Dunedin
Robyn Walker - Director, Wellington
Ross Milne - Partner, Auckland
Thomas Pippos - Partner, Wellington
Troy Andrews
 - Partner, Auckland
Virag Singh - Director, Auckland

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