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Meet our new partners and directors

Photographed above are  new partners: (left to right) Marco Ciobo, David Seath, Sonia Breeze, Lee Gray, Tamarapa Lloyd,  Richard Bailey, and Heidi Rautjoki.

We are delighted to announce the appointment of seven new partners and ten new directors. 

These appointments reflect our absolute commitment to delivering you the highest level of service, wherever your business is located across New Zealand.

This diverse group will even better equip us to make a positive impact on your business. Each of the people below brings a unique skill set to help you develop and grow your business.


Heidi Rautjoki - Partner, Dunedin


Sonia Breeze - Partner, Auckland

Marco Ciobo - Partner, Auckland

Charles Bonfante - Director, Auckland 

Deborah Lucas - Director, Wellington

Lauren Foster - Director, Wellington

Kirsten Mclay - Director, Wellington 

Terry Teoh - Director, Wellington   


Richard Bailey - Partner, Christchurch

Kyle Callow - Director, Christchurch

Jane Fraser-Jones - Director, Wellington



Lee Gray - Partner, Wellington

Tamarapa Lloyd - Partner, Rotorua

Aaron Hegan - Director, Wellington

Lynne Golds - Director, Wellington


David Seath - Partner, Christchurch


Virag Singh - Director, Auckland



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