Agile and DevOps advisory, transformation, and delivery


Agile and DevOps advisory, transformation, and delivery

Enterprise agility with right-speed IT

Many IT organisations are progressing beyond the traditional single-speed delivery models that may not work well for high-paced innovation. Forward-thinking CIOs are distributing agile experience more evenly across teams and optimizing enterprise IT at a speed that is right for the entire organisation. Deloitte has robust capabilities in enterprise agility and DevOps that support right-speed IT, spanning from advisory to implementation services.

Agile in government

How can government benefit from Agile software development techniques? Often, agencies find that they must adopt a whole new way of working to engage in the kind of trust-based, collaborative vendor-client relationship that Agile requires.

Successful Agile in government: Supporting the product owner
As many government organizations seek to take advantage of Agile development, they will need to consider how to adequately define and support a crucial role in Agile: the product owner.

When Agile meets government
Closing the culture gap   

Agile by the numbers
A data analysis of Agile development in the US federal government

Scaling Agile for government
Using Agile in large, complex projects in government

Going Agile: The new mind-set for procurement officials
How does Agile change the role of the acquisition officer? 

Accelerating value delivery

To stay competitive, organisations are increasingly faced with the need to operate and deliver at a speed greater than the pace of disruption. While agile and DevOps can drive value with accelerated speed-to-market, enhanced quality, and reduced waste—the enterprise wide adoption of these methodologies is complex.

Common challenges include the following:

  • Limited partnership between business and technology teams
  • Outdated organisational processes burdened with legacy thinking and systems
  • Products built without customer focus or insight
  • Unmanageable and interdependent monolithic architectures

We are working with a growing number of leaders to tackle these issues by building capabilities targeted at improving processes, technology, and talent that support value delivery with agility at scale.

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The Deloitte advantage

Deloitte leads client transformations and can enhance delivery capabilities, providing the following:

  • Global experience delivering complex changes
  • Leading accreditations across a broad spectrum of frameworks
  • Knowledge across industries


How we can help

Deloitte has experience to help positively impact organisations throughout their path to increased agility. Through our highly experienced transformation specialists, trainers, coaches, and skilled delivery resources, we promote cultural and behavioral changes. We help develop high-performing teams to improve business and technology delivery from concept to cash.

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Our approach

Executing an enterprise-level transformation requires a holistic approach that accounts for all aspects of an operating model. Deloitte has an established framework and ability to help guide our clients through their agile and DevOps journeys. We help optimise the people, processes, tools, and architecture needed to take clients from future vision, to adoption, and ultimately to scale.

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Our services

We thrive on tackling large and complex changes

Right-speed IT strategy enablement:

  • Agile IT operating model design
  • Product-centric organizational model
  • Enterprise agility transformation
  • Lean start-up-based innovation

SAFe and agile at scale/Enterprise agile:

  • SAFe transformation
  • Enterprise agile strategy and design
  • Tailored agile training and coaching

DevOps enablement:

  • DevOps strategy, architecture, and cloud integration
  • DevOps transformation and engineering implementation
  • DevOps tool chain configuration and deployment
Agile program stand-up and APMO:
  • Agile program definition and stand-up
  • End-to-end agile program management

Technology solutions:

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Our methods and tools

Deloitte has developed a wealth of experience using industry-leading practices to implement a wide range of business solutions. Leveraging this, we have invested heavily in the development of our proprietary enterprise value delivery (EVD) method. EVD presents a collection of templates, sample deliverables, and accelerators for effective delivery across the project life cycle.

Our agile and DevOps tools solidify our ability to efficiently manage projects with increased consistency, decreased risk, and enhanced quality.

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Our perspective

Agile and DevOps are powerful delivery approaches that can offer enhanced flexibility to better adapt to changing business needs. Our thought leadership and resources address emerging topics and identify innovative solutions to key issues.

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