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I started my career at Deloitte Auckland in the Technology team, after completing a BSc/BCom Conjoint. I worked for three years in Deloitte New Zealand.

I am currently in Shanghai working for Deloitte Consulting, in the Tech, Strategy and Architecture team. My current project is PMO for a Supply Chain Implementation Project for a Leading Global Sports Manufacturer.

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How long have you been away?
I have been in Shanghai since early 2016.

Why did you choose to go there?
To be 100% honest, China was never my first choice of country to live or work in, and never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would end up here. The opportunity arose when my fiancé got offered a transfer with her company to their Shanghai office. This sounded like a pretty exciting and different experience, and would help me develop not only professionally, but personally as well (not to mention learning a new language)

What’s your favourite part about living and working overseas?
The connection to the rest of Asia is amazing. I have been able to take weekend trips to Japan and Korea, as well as other major cities in China such as Guangzhou and Beijing. We have Thailand, Laos, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Vietnam in the pipeline as well. In terms of work, I love the scale of projects I have been on. Firstly, I helped develop a strategy for a global FMCG company to enter into the Chinese marketplace with a 100% digital presence, and secondly have been working on transforming the supply chain of one of the world's largest sportswear manufacturers. These types of projects and clients/industries are very rare in an economy like NZ, and being a part of this is thrilling and exciting.

What’s the most challenging part of working abroad?
Some of the challenges include adapting a new work culture and new management styles. I have found this especially true in China, where the culture is founded on values most western cultures would not understand. Also, the separation from family and friends can be quite challenging, making it crucial to build an entirely new support network!

What advice would you give to someone considering working overseas with Deloitte?
Don't be like everyone else and go to the U.S or the U.K. do something truly outside your comfort zone and learn a different culture, language. I think timing is incredibly important, not just where you are in your career, but also in terms of your family life. If I was at a different stage in my personal life, my decision to move overseas could have been quite different.


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