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Deloitte VIP Series

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Deloitte VIP is a series of events providing university students with the opportunity to share their thoughts and ideas (or Very Interesting Perspective) with their peers and with professionals from Deloitte.

Living The Kiwi Dream

The Deloitte Millennial survey reminds us once again of the views and desires of a generation. As a group steered by strong values at all stages of their careers, we asked students are you equally driven by realising your dreams? What is your “Kiwi Dream”? Is it the white picket fence, kids, boat and a bach? Is your dream the same as the generations before you? With rising house prices across Auckland - the hub of New Zealand’s commerce and industry, will you live in close proximity to your workplace? Will this even be possible? Or will the way we work change?

Watch our panelists and VIPs discuss their idea of the "Kiwi Dream".

Michael Moran - Partner - Deloitte Audit Advisory
Tess Otineru - Associate Director - Deloitte Tax & Private
Kevin Kanji - Associate Director - Deloitte Risk, Cyber, Privacy and Resilience
Dr. Nick Lewis - Associate Professor - University of Auckland

Deloitte VIP Series #1 - Living the Kiwi Dream

The Big OE; Will you stay or will you go?

New Zealand’s national bird may be flightless, but it seems to be in the Kiwi DNA to fly the nest and set up overseas for “The Big OE”.

We hosted the 2nd of our Deloitte VIP Series events at our Wellington office to explore why the Kiwi obsession with OE? Is there a perceived lack of opportunity in NZ, or is the lure of adventure and the unknown too hard to resist?

Thanks to our Deloitte panelists and to the fantastic students from Victoria University of Wellington

Melanie Meyer - Director - Deloitte Tax & Private
Lee Gray - Associate Director - Deloitte Tax & Private
James Shepherd - Partner - Audit

Deloitte VIP Series #2 - The Big OE; will you stay, or will you go

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