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In Consulting we use logical thinking, leading global methodologies and our knowledge of industries to help New Zealand’s largest organisations solve their most complex problems. Our work is creative, dynamic, and stimulating.

Working in Consulting

What is Consulting?

Strategy, innovation, and a thorough knowledge of what makes an organisation run effectively are increasingly valuable skills in an ever-changing business environment. First, we gain a deep understanding of our client’s business – including their challenges and opportunities. Then, we serve our clients by addressing their particular need – whether by improving on existing services, transforming an organisation’s leadership function, streamlining the way businesses function, or helping to implement a new product, service, or technology solution. Our projects range in length from a few weeks to months or years, and are often time-critical.

We spend a lot of time with our clients, meaning that we form lasting relationships and become increasingly familiar with the industries they operate within. This is what makes Consulting so engaging – every project is different from the last, and you are able to immerse yourself in a new world on each engagement, becoming an ‘expert’ in each client’s business. This is a rich, exhilarating and challenging way to begin your career.
As part of a global firm, we are always pushing ourselves to innovate and improve the services we provide to our clients, drawing on and contributing to cutting edge thought leadership around the world. We are the largest Consulting practice in New Zealand and the world.

As a Graduate Analyst in Consulting you can expect to be a core part of a project team working with a client to analyse their organisation and make recommendations for change. We will support you to develop your logical thinking and problem solving skills and to build your understanding of New Zealand’s business and public sector environments.

Human Capital

People are often said to be a company’s greatest asset, and talent shortages are frequently cited as one of the most pressing issues facing today’s organisations. If you’re intrigued by what makes people, teams, and organisations thrive, then a career in Human Capital is for you.

Our Human Capital team is made up of a diverse mix of business consultants who specialise in integrating people issues with business strategy. We advise on a number of complex challenges such as how to manage people through an organisational transformation, scaling businesses to prepare for growth, aligning workforce to business strategy and more. Our ultimate aim is to help our clients make the best decisions and take the best actions for their organisation.

Strategy & Operations

Strategy is about making choices that uniquely position an organisation to win against the competition. We help companies meet this challenge by facilitating candid, deliberate conversations about key choices, supported by intuitive frameworks and analysis.

Any strategy is only as good as the way in which it is implemented. We support organisations to change the way they operate to allow them to better deliver on their strategy – including transforming the way different parts of an organisation operate, helping organisation’s to better understand and serve their customers, or improving an organisation’s procurement practices, for example.

The Strategy & Operations practice exposes us to a wide variety of business problems across a wide variety of industries. This means we are forced to not only gain insight on the individual company and their specific challenges at hand, but also the industry in which they work. This keeps us constantly on our toes and up to date on the issues and trends across multiple industries.

For the avid learner, your curiosity and strategic thinking will be stretched and your desire for new challenges met as you will always be doing something new.


Technology is all-encompassing, and it is growing exponentially. This is forcing business change at a faster rate than ever before and leading to tough questions; - “How can we establish a digital presence with our tech-savvy customers?”, “What consideration should we be giving to cloud computing?”, “How can we best integrate our legacy and modern systems?”

Navigating the pitfalls and complexities of these questions requires a measured combination of technical expertise and management capability - this is where Deloitte’s Technology Consultants step in. We work alongside our clients to help bridge the gap between their business needs and technology requirements, and ultimately deliver technology solutions that meet their most pressing demands.

Don’t let the name scare you! Technology Consulting is as much about project management, strategy, and problem solving as it is about the design, build, and delivery of technical solutions. We have experts across both areas and encourage our juniors to gain experience across the board.

Is Consulting right for me?

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Consulting Graduate Job Description

Did you know?

  • Analysts are often interacting with and presenting to client alongside senior team members
  • In your first few years you will spend a significant proportion of your time at client site
  • You will likely be involved in multiple projects during your first year, working with different teams
  • In Consulting, we have ‘Fly home Friday’ every month, where we dedicate a day to coming together as a team, catching up on different projects we have all been working on, sharing knowledge, and developing our skills
  • We are a mobile workforce in Consulting - you will be provided with a new iPhone and laptop when you join so you are able to work from different locations 
  • We now have Deloitte Graduates working in other Deloitte offices around the world – including New York, TorontoShanghai, Singapore, London and Amsterdam
  • You will have many opportunities to develop useful technical skills – including visual design and data analysis
  • Our team members come from remarkably diverse backgrounds – including medicine, science, engineering, law, and digital design