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Corporate Finance Careers

Despite the title, it is not just the Big Corporate’s that you will be working with. In fact you will spend most of your time working with SME’s who make up the lion’s share of the NZ business market. Deloitte Corporate Finance specialise in providing a range of advice to our clients including selling or buying a business, raising debt or equity finance.  

The majority of your time you will be based in the Deloitte office however that doesn’t mean lack of client interaction. You will have plenty of opportunity to meet with your clients at their businesses and there is the potential for short secondments. To succeed in this environment you will need strong analytical thinking, the ability to interpret the numbers and then articulate your findings in a way that that makes sense to your client.

No month will be identical as you work on a variety of different projects, involved with constantly changing project teams, giving you fantastic exposure and the opportunity to learn from colleagues and mentors with a variety of skillsets at all levels of the business.

The financial needs of New Zealand businesses' are as diverse as the range of industries they come from.   The common thread is the need to understand value and to help our clients make best value decisions. Your purpose as a member of the team is to provide creative solutions and ideas for the future of your client’s business assisting them at critical times where fast decision-making is required.   You will work with your clients to find solutions to questions like: What is the value of a business? How can we grow the value of a company? What is the best strategic option available to us?  

We believe that our team represents the best corporate finance talent in New Zealand. We strive to nurture and develop the careers of our staff and have created an environment in which they can succeed.

Did you know?

  • We help our clients with multiple areas of a transaction, including sell-side merger & acquisition advisory, financial due diligence, valuations, financial modelling and business case analysis
  • Analysts are often interacting with and presenting to clients alongside senior team members
  • Our client work can create opportunities for travel both within New Zealand and overseas
  • Our projects are broad, meaning you will gain experience across a range of industries, developing a suite of competencies across our service line offerings
  • You will have many opportunities to develop useful technical skills. For example, during your first year, we take you through introductory valuation and financial modelling courses and we have regular junior-led training sessions throughout the year
  • Our team is social! We have regular social gatherings, end of month drinks, play in sports teams together, engage in volunteer projects together and regularly go on coffee outings

Is Corporate Finance right for me?

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Corporate Finance Graduate Job Description

Actuarial Services Careers

Deloitte’s actuarial & insurance solutions practice has a proven track record of helping companies make better-informed decisions regarding insurance liabilities, assets, capital management, performance measurement, growth, and risk. Our actuaries maintain high standards of technical excellence and work collaboratively across multiple disciplines to provide integrated solutions.

Recovery Careers

When a company is facing financial problems, whether it concerns cash flow shortfall, falling sales, excessive debt or other aspects, Business Recovery Services deliver solutions designed to build a platform for swift recovery and sustained success.