Top 10 Reasons to Join Deloitte

Our people and culture are redefining what it means to be a professional services firm. It’s about creating a workplace where you can be inspired and be inspiring. A workplace where you can grow and feel a sense of belonging and camaraderie. In other words, it’s about putting people first.

1. Deloitte is a great place to accelerate your ambitions to the next level

Whether you are starting your career or looking to move to the next level, a career at Deloitte empowers you to customise a career that works for you. There’s a reason why we are one of the most sought-after employers in New Zealand – we offer challenging work, meaningful development opportunities and flexibility that’s hard to match. Above all, we have an enviable culture built on the smart, likeable people we surround ourselves with. Broaden your skills. Broaden your reach. Broaden your career. It’s all possible at Deloitte.

2. A global leader in professional services

At Deloitte, we are redefining what it means to be a professional services firm because we make excellence our standard. We know that being average just won’t cut it. We are all about exceptional. Exceptional people. Exceptional services. And exceptional careers. We operate with the shared values of integrity, quality and accountability in everything we do. We serve some of the country’s biggest clients and our reputation has made us one of the most desired employers. If you are ready to stand out from the pack, come join us and help shape the future of our firm and New Zealand's businesses.

3. World-class learning and professional development opportunities

An investment in your learning and development is an investment in our people and our clients, so we don’t cut corners. Whether it’s our graduate or summer Intern induction programme, new manager training programmes, or studying towards your accounting qualification, presenting with impact, learning new technologies, your learning and development is one of our priorities. We help you grow beyond your current role to maximise your contribution and impact.

4. International mobility options and flex work arrangements in a supported connected environment

Sometimes you need a change or personal obligations have to come first. That is why we are committed to giving our people the choices and flexibility they need to be at their best, and stay at their best. At Deloitte, there are a variety of work arrangements you can take advantage of, including compressed work weeks, sabbaticals and flex work hours. We know the days of one set path to career success are long over. So join Deloitte and find the flexibility to build the career and life you want.

Itching for a bigger change? Then take advantage of our global network of firms and explore various short or long-term international opportunities to see the world without having to put your career on pause.

5. A culture built on collaboration and innovation

Innovation is our key to success and we practice it in everything we do. With substantial resources at our fingertips such as innovative workspaces, virtual meeting technology - not to mention a collection of diverse and smart minds - our collaboration sessions are both stimulating and effective. The result? Creative, out-of-the-box ideas that are changing the world and making an impact.

6. Leveraging diversity and inclusion in everything we do

We recognize that a culture that celebrates individuality and leverages those differences represents an enormous competitive advantage. Simply put, a workplace where people feel valued and included is a place where people soar.

As part of our commitment to inclusion, we sponsor several active communities that any employee can join. Take advantage of networking events and mentorship opportunities or attend cultural celebrations and social outings.

7. Deloitte is an inspiring place to work

Imagine a workplace that challenges the norm. A place where you can be inspired and be inspiring. 

At Deloitte, Corporate Responsibility is integrated into our core business strategy.  By investing in our people, projects and partnerships that leverage our expertise to create positive impact, we are fueling innovative solutions to complex social and environmental challenges.

Social Innovation

Our 2014 partnership with Oxfam, created a scalable, transferrable framework and set of tools to support improved supply chain disaster response. 

Deloitte GROW, our flagship social innovation program, was rolled out nationally in 2015 to support young New Zealanders to spark entrepreneurship and change how they think about money

And this year we are partnering with the Red Cross to better enable resettlement service providers to assist and support new refugees with their successful integration into new communities.

Workplace of the future

Our offices are designed with our environment in mind and are equipped with cutting edge technology and unique workspaces to help our professionals collaborate, innovate and stay ahead of the curve.


We seek out the most likeable professionals with the brightest minds. Stuck for ideas on a new project? Holding a collaborative brainstorming session with a few of your peers may be all it takes to trigger a breakthrough.

Get involved and experience the positive side effects of making an Impact that Matters.

8. A powerful network of talented connected professionals

When you join Deloitte, you join a powerful and global network of talented professionals. We provide opportunities to build lifelong connections with colleagues and clients – all around the world – because we perform better when we connect the dots between our people and their strengths. 

9. Empowerment and recognition

Find yourself in a place that empowers you to own your career. We encourage our people to use all of their resources and talents to reach their full potential at Deloitte.  And when our people show us what they’ve got, we reward them with the flexibility and extraordinary life experiences they desire. Along with traditional compensation and our competitive benefits package, we offer flexibility and additional time out. At our firm, recognition doesn’t just come from leaders. It’s part of a culture where we take pride in our colleagues’ accomplishments as much as we do our own.

10. Our people are our brand

People come to Deloitte for a lot of reasons. Our people are one of them. This is an organisation where you are surrounded by intelligent, forward-thinking people. This is a chance to work within a culture of camaraderie and grow your career the way you want. So come for the big opportunities, and stay for the people. At Deloitte, you’ll love the company you keep.

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