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China Services Group

Deloitte China Services Group holds seminars that provide overviews and development updates on various tax and accounting issues. These seminars usually include an interactive Q&A forum.

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July 2018 Seminar: Latest Tax Developments 

The seminar content includes:

  • Ring-Fencing Rental Losses
  • Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS)
  • Back to the Future – R&D
  • What is R&D, is it more than robots?


Latest Tax Developments

Common Reporting Standard (CRS)

The Common Reporting Standard (CRS) for the Automatic Exchange of Information was developed by the OECD to provide a framework for the collection, reporting and exchange of financial information between revenue authorities around the globe.  It followed the implementation of the FATCA rules by the US Government and is based on very similar terms and requirements. The purpose is to assist in detection and deterring offshore tax evasion.

The seminar content includes:

  • Entity classification
  •  Financial account identification
  • Due diligence / certification
  • Reporting         

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  • 报告实体分类
  • 金融账户识别
  • 尽职调查/认证
  • 报告标准




Common Reporting Standard

Sale and purchase of businesses

The information slides provide an overview of issues associated with the sale and purchase of a business.  The content includes:

  • Share purchase vs asset purchase
  • Tax issues associated with purchase structure
  • Tax due diligence

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  • 买卖公司股份还是资产
  • 架构
  • 买卖合同的税务审核


Sale and purchase of businesses

Health & Safety

23 November 2015 –a quick guide to the  new requirements under the Health & Safety reform, management’s responsibilities in relation to H&S at the workplace. 

1. The changes in the health and safety legislation
2. Getting investment
3. Due diligence and accountability
4. What is the risk?
5. The legal side of due diligence
6. What you can do to make a difference – integrating H&S
7. Getting started
IIA Conference– Deloitte and Meredith


Health & Safety seminar

Employment tax

11 November 2015 – focus on employment related tax issues such as allowances, PAYE, and FBT.

The information pack provides an overview of New Zealand’s employment tax and obligations. The content includes:

  • tax residency and employment income tax, including taxable and exempt remuneration
  • overview of Chinese individual income tax rules, including tax residency tests and tax planning opportunities available to foreign individuals.

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  • 概述工资等现金收入税(PAYE),新西兰养老金(KiwiSaver)及雇主的一些相关责任;
  • 员工津贴及其豁免如餐食补贴,住宿和衣物津贴等; 以及
  • 福利税。




Employment tax seminar

Best practice accounting

17 September 2015 – discussion of various aspects of accounting, including best practice, common pitfalls, internal control architecture.

As evident from the Chinese Services Group Seminar on 17 September 2015, the role of the accountant is much more than just the debits and credits.

In the seminar Philippa Wang gave a comprehensive presentation discussing the various aspects that a well-functioning accounting team should consider and providing guidance on how to efficiently administer between these complexities.

Topics discussed during the seminar included:

  • The Accounting Functionality
  • Reporting Requirements and the New Reporting Regime
  • Record Keeping and Filing Systems
  • Segregation of Duty and Internal Control
  • Year-preparation, and
  • Annual Returns and Minutes

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  • 会计职能
  • 报告规定和新制度
  • 记录与档案管理
  • 职责分离及内控
  • 年末准备事项
  • 年审和会议记录





Best practice accounting

Recent tax updates

12 August 2015 – the latest tax developments with a key emphasis on the new bright line test rules for residential properties effective from 1 October 2015.

•Latest tax developments
•Details of the new Brightlinetest for sale of residential properties
•Be IRD ready





Property and tax seminar


9 July 2015 – key concepts in the GST Act 1985 , GST returns and GST related special cases

Overview of New Zealand’s goods and services tax rules. The content includes:

  • Key Concepts in the GST Act 1985
  • GST Returns
  • Special Cases
  • Practical Issues

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•    增值税法的核心概念

•    如何申报增值税表

•    相关的特殊案例

•    增值税的实际问题






Goods and services tax seminar

General tax compliance summary

19 May 2015 – a summary of the general New Zealand tax framework, including provisional tax, resident / non-resident withholding tax, GST, PAYE, FBT etc.

 The content includes:

  • Provisional tax
  • Use of money interest                 
  • Resident withholding tax                                             
  • Non-resident withholding tax / Approved Issuer Levy                                   
  • PAYE
  • Fringe benefit tax                           
  • Goods & services tax

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•    预估税

•    税务局的利息

•    居民代扣代缴税

•    非居民代扣税/AIL

•    个人所得税

•    员工附加福利税

•    增值税







Find the seminar slides for download here: General tax compliance
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