How can my company apply for the programme?
If you think your business is a Best Managed Company, please contact nzbestmanaged@deloitte.co.nz to express your interest.

How much does it cost to apply to the Best Managed Companies programme?
Nothing – it’s completely free to enter. We just need your time to work through the application process.

How do I know if my company is eligible?
You can check our full criteria here.

How does the coaching process work?
The coaching is part of the application process. Our coaches will work with programme entrants through a Best Managed Lab, working carefully to fully understand your business and provide you with useful insight. You can find out more about our complete process here.

How will Deloitte look after my data and confidential information?
We have set out our full privacy policy here, in keeping with national guidelines around data protection and confidentiality. We take your data rights seriously.

How much time will be required from my company’s leadership team?
The Best Managed Lab will run for up to 3 hours – the lab works best when the entire leadership team is there or at least a cross section who can speak to the different business functions. A representative from the company will also need to spend 1.5 – 2 hours completing the required application.

Is any travel involved?
There may be some travel but only for some of our programme entrants. Our coaches will come to you for the Best Managed Labs, but if you progress to our final stage, you’ll be invited to our celebration dinner in Auckland.

Contact us

Connect with the New Zealand Best Managed Companies team at nzbestmanaged@deloitte.co.nz or contact one of our Best Managed Leaders below.
Simon Chapman

Best Managed Companies Lead

Bill Hale

Partner - Deloitte Private