How does it work?

We want our applicants to gain more from the programme than just a trophy. That’s why Best Managed Companies evaluates companies through a proven framework and pairs them with a dedicated Best Managed coach to take them through an interactive Best Managed lab, designed to both recognise their success so far and equip them with the tools they need to maintain fantastic results.

Becoming a Best Managed Company

There are two stages involved in the Best Managed Companies programme.

Stage one

Eligible companies will fill out an application, giving a high level view of their business.

Stage two

Companies who progress to the next phase will take part in a Best Managed Companies lab, facilitated by our trained coaches. It will take a deep dive into the company, providing important insight and allowing the judges to assess them on the Best Managed Companies standards – known as the ‘Four Pillars’. The Best Managed lab draws out the key information needed for eligible companies to complete the second part of the application, which will be submitted to an independent judging panel for review.

Our Four Pillars

These four categories have been identified as the global common practices of successful business leadership.
A top company needs a clear roadmap. Best Managed Companies take a formal approach to developing their strategy for the future, considering all the essential elements required to both future-proof and tackle imminent priorities.
Culture is the heart of any organisation but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to get right. Where Best Managed Companies excel is in investing in their people – whether it’s developing their next leaders, creating benefits that consider wellbeing, addressing pressing issues or fostering inclusion.
Best Managed Companies develop valuable capabilities and resources, are highly execution-oriented, are focused on productivity and innovation, and are thoughtful about hiring the right people to execute their business model and strategy.
Best Managed Companies install strong governance structures, use KPIs to manage their progress, maintain a strong balance sheet, and apply the financial discipline required to drive revenue growth, improve operating margin, and increase asset efficiency.

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