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New Zealand businesses have weathered numerous storms – the Global Financial Crisis, earthquakes, and most recently, COVID-19. For the past 20 years, the Deloitte Fast 50 has championed those business owners who’ve not only survived, but thrived. So, what’s the secret to their success? In this series we’re asking some of the country’s most notable entrepreneurs how they did it, and what to do when the going gets tough. Join us for this series, hosted by Madison Reidy, Newshub Live reporter.

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Episode 5 - Juliet Maclean

Juliet Maclean has spent her career establishing forward-thinking agribusinesses. She was a co-founder of Synlait Milk – now one of New Zealand’s largest dairy operations – and today she’s changing the way people check in to rural properties with her latest venture, OnSide. In this episode, Juliet explains the importance of a clear vision to drive you through tough times, and how people are much more resilient than you think – they just need good leadership.

Episode 4 - Jos Ruffell

If it was easy, everyone would be doing it – this is the mantra that drives Jos Ruffell, one of the founders of Garage Project, to continue to push the boundaries of one of the oldest industries in the world. In this episode, Jos tells us how 2020 has been the most challenging in Garage Project’s ten years in business, but that he’s seen first-hand how the support of a strong and passionate team can help you overcome any challenge.

Episode 3 - Geoff Ross and Justine Troy

Geoff Ross and Justine Troy’s business journey has taken them from distilling 42 Below vodka in their Wellington garage, to shaking things up in the farming sector - with a handful of world-class brands in between! In this episode, they talk about their knack of picking tailwinds in growth sectors and how success is determined by achieving the “perfect storm” of product, innovation, capital, and a solid team.

Episode 2 - Naomi Ballantyne

Naomi Ballantyne (ONZM) is a true champion for the life and health insurance sector. A founding employee of Sovereign, Naomi went on to establish not one but two successful life insurance businesses, including the company she leads today, Partners Life. In this episode Naomi shares what drives her to take risks, why she thinks resilience can be learnt, and the importance of leaving a legacy.

Episode 1 - Cecilia and James Robinson

They’re the power couple behind My Food Bag. Husband and wife duo, Cecilia and James Robinson co-founded the company of convenience that turned over $100 million in just three years, seeing them take out the title of the Deloitte Fast 50 Rising Star Winner in 2014. In this episode they discuss the importance of feeling fear, what they’ve risked for success, what they won’t, and why they’re now looking to disrupt New Zealand’s healthcare market with their app, Tend.

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