Education Grants & Scholarships


Scholarship Grants

Applications for 2022 open from 14th February 2022. Closing date: 29th April 2022.

All applicants must be able to provide verified whakapapa to confirm their connection to the specific Trust or Incorporation.

Online applications:

  • Kapenga M Trust Scholarship

Click here to view information on the scholarship. For those students eligible to apply for the scholarship, you must complete the online Tertiary Application form - link here

  • Haumingi No.3 Trust Komuhumuhu Scholarship - for students in Year 2 or higher of tertiary study - link here



Hard copy applications:   

Tangiharuru Apa Trust

The following three scholarships are by hard copy only, please click on the relevant link to download and print the form, or copies may be collected from the Deloitte Rotorua office. 

Applicants must be descendent of Tangiharuru or Apa (Ngati Manawa).