Audit, risk and forensic

Manage your risk effectively and ensure the quality of your reporting with ease

During times of growth, we know you're keeping an eye on managing your risk and ensuring the quality of your financial reporting. By adding credibility to your information, systems and processes, we can help build your company’s value and the confidence of stakeholders.

Audit and assurance

We work with you to gain a true understanding of your business and its associated risks. From here, we identify process improvements that add value to your business and help you meet compliance and regulatory requirements.


Reducing your risk and maximising your returns starts by having the right governance structures in place. This means having controls to avoid expenditure leakage, inefficiencies and fraud. By managing your risk today, you’re strengthening the foundations of your business tomorrow.


When it comes to fraud, litigation and other legal business challenges, there is no substitute for experience. Our dedicated team of forensic accountants, computer forensic experts, data analytic experts and investigators, have a track record of successfully delivering quality results in challenging situations.