Business advice and strategy

We provide direction to help set you on a course for success.

Here at Deloitte Private, we’re passionate about helping businesses grow. With over 400 experts in 8 offices across the country, we have the right people to address your challenges and help you take your business to the next level.

We also have strong international networks; as part of Deloitte Asia Pacific we have deep connections with colleagues in Australia, China, Japan and Southeast Asia.

Strategy and business planning

Having a clear vision of where you want to be, and a defined strategy for how you are going to get there helps focus your time and resources.

We have developed a robust methodology for business planning that is tailored to individual companies and facilitated by expert strategists. Our approach is to start with the big picture strategic direction, then move through a series of actionable steps that will allow you to drive your business forward.

The Deloitte Private approach helps you test, then set your strategic direction, identify the value drivers in your business, select the most important areas for change and develop an action plan to execute your strategy.

Financial modelling

Businesses in the midst of change and cashflow fluctuations are often left without an accurate understanding of their financial position. This can result in poor strategic and financial decision-making. Understanding exactly what factors influence performance is crucial to driving results and meeting the objectives of your business.

We provide expert advice to help you understand the impact decisions and investment will have on your financial position.

Governance structure

How do you turn challenges into opportunities and leverage compliance requirements to your advantage? Through effective leadership. Our input at board level can take the weight off your shoulders and proactively ensure the success of your business.

Succession planning

Succession planning is a complex, but often over-looked factor in the long-term survival of private companies as business, personal and financial factors come into play. A good succession plan for private companies looks at a range of issues, from suitable talent, and current leaders, to options of floating and estate planning.

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