Family + Business Diagnostic Lab


Family + Business Diagnostic Lab

How do I know if my business and family is healthy?

Do I have relevant and robust communication practices in place?

Do I have the right governance structure and processes in place for the family group?

Do we have family harmony and is there a sense of equality among our next generation?

Deloitte Private have developed a unique methodology that assists Family Enterprises seeking to safeguard the future of their family business and improve the communication between family members and the business.


The methodology is brought to life through a focused workshop facilitated by a team of Family Enterprise specialist and SMEs, providing you with a broad range of perspectives to:

  • quickly advise and prepare you for the path to achieving your family and business goals;
  • and help you prioritise and recommend the most critical initiatives to support your Family + Business roadmap.

Family-owned businesses present their own unique challenges – the health of both the family and its business are intrinsically related, and if one aspect is not in order, the other part is quickly impacted. It’s important to make sure there is good communication and harmony, both within the family and the business, to ensure future success. We have the tools to help ensure this alignment. Joanne McCrae, Partner - Deloitte Private

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Joanne McCrae

Joanne McCrae

Partner - Deloitte Private

What I most enjoy is working with my clients to ensure I understand both their personal and business drivers and challenges and then guide them in managing their affairs accordingly.  I take pride in ... More

Phil Stevenson

Phil Stevenson

Partner - Tax

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