Family enterprise consulting

Family and Individual Wealth

Helping families and individuals navigate complex challenges and decisions within a family enterprise.

Deloitte Private takes a multi-generational approach to discover, align and transform the family enterprise to assist with succession planning, family governance and next generation education and leadership development.

Family Enterprise Consulting services at Deloitte

We have advised many wealthy New Zealand families to develop family enterprise strategies, wealth transition plans and design family office structures.

Family governance

In order to manage complexity, family businesses and family offices need family governance structures. If you would like to know more, contact us here.

Family governance structures enable business families to organise themselves and they also guide a family’s relationship with their family business or family office.

In our experience, well designed and properly implemented family business governance structures result in greater harmony between family members, a more focused business and easier transitions between generations. We work with families, to set up family councils, boards of directors or other family business forums. This can involve working with families to develop employment and remuneration policies; supporting families in defining the various roles, responsibilities, rights and privileges of the various stakeholders and once agreed, implementing their decisions.

“Family Businesses and Family Offices are complex because they are spaces where family, business and ownership interests meet.”

Family constitutions

A written and formalised family constitution, charter, or set of protocols is a critical step in the Family Enterprise Consulting process. Simply put, a family constitution sets out the policies and procedures that a family uses to manage its wealth, its assets and its own organisation.

Many families find that the process of writing a family constitution is more important than the words. While the process of preparing a constitution can be lengthy and complex, it strengthens both the family and the business.

The aim is to arrive at a point of “harmony” where important and often challenging matters have been discussed openly, and all opinions have been considered. We will work with you with care and sensitivity to facilitate discussions to address and resolve key issues and will translate the outputs into a written family constitution.

“When well prepared, a family constitution creates alignment on key issues and improves the chances of the family and business succeeding.”

Succession planning

For a business, working without a succession plan can invite disruption, uncertainty and conflict, placing future competitiveness and wealth at risk. For family enterprises and personal wealth, the issue of succession also introduces deeply personal issues and family dynamics – which may include non-employee family members and stakeholders.

Getting it right can be a complex process. That’s why when it comes to effective succession planning, an early start can often be the key to success.

"It’s perfectly natural to need support to get started. Which is why Deloitte Private’s proven experience and approach to succession planning has supported some of New Zealand’s wealthiest families and individuals to plan for their future."

Next generation education and leadership development

It is critical to identify the future leaders of the family enterprise and support them to develop to achieve their goals and aspirations, as well as contributing to meeting the needs of the family and the enterprise.

Deloitte Private’s offering ranges from providing one-to-one coaching, mentoring and advice, to designing and delivering developmental workshops and meetings where your next gen leaders can network and build a peer ‘cohort’.

"A key part of the success and ongoing legacy of a family enterprise is working with next generation family members."

Family Office

Effective family wealth management encompasses a range of issues related to not only business aims, but also personal and family goals. Wealthy families often consider establishing a family office to manage their many investments, reporting, philanthropic, and financial responsibilities.

Properly structuring and staffing a family office requires an analysis of tax and governance considerations, as well as a deep understanding of the family’s short and long term business and professional goals and objectives. Deloitte professionals can assist with family office design and set-up, family education and communications, charitable planning and private foundations, and structuring business investments.

"Our integrated approach addresses both the family office as a business and the private client’s family wealth as an on-going enterprise."

Family Meetings

Family meetings are an important part of family planning. They are the forum for discussing important issues such as plans for future ownership of the business, family partnership in the business, and helping children manage inherited wealth. Learning how to plan and run successful family meeting is vital.

We work with families to design and deliver workshops to discuss important issues or make critical decisions; we facilitate or chair family council or other family meetings (or even provide input behind the scenes); and we run meetings especially for the next generation to help them gain the knowledge and skills they need to contribute effectively.


"Planning and facilitating family meetings enables better family relations and communication, helping those involved recognise and resolve differences."


Private Company Issues and Opportunities 2020: Family Business Edition

Family businesses have their challenges, requiring constant course correction to remain successful for generations to come. 

Keydrivers of success are a clear purpose, alignment between the family and the business and healthy communication among the family.  Our latest report provides insights into how family businesses can thrive into the future – including one business that has been in family ownership for over 1,300 years.

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