Christchurch Aerospace Sector Plan

Prepared for the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment

Christchurch can, and should, play a role in the growth of the national and global aerospace sector. Value is not only derived from the inherent importance of aerospace as an economic sector in its own right, but also the potential benefits that may flow to other sectors that adopt aerospace technology.

The Christchurch Aerospace Sector Plan was commissioned by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment. The Sector Plan outlines a future direction for the aerospace sector in Christchurch and presents a five-year plan. 

Key Takeaways

Every region in New Zealand has a role to play in boosting the national economy. Christchurch has to build on its strengths, and one of Christchurch’s competitive advantages lies in aerospace.

The Sector Plan sets targets to help put Christchurch at the centre of New Zealand’s aerospace sector by 2025, attracting new businesses with hundreds of employees. The five-year Sector Plan sets out nine goals and associated actions for the city’s aerospace sector, based around four themes:

  • Knowledge sharing
  • Innovation and test-bed capabilities
  • Pathways to attract and expand businesses
  • Education and training

Executive Summary: Christchurch Aerospace Sector Plan 

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As part of the action points and goals listed in this report, the following key initiatives, if enacted, may assist in accelerating the growth of Christchurch’s aerospace sector. The initiatives include, establishing an Aerospace Advisory Group, establishing an end-to-end aerospace incubator and establishing dedicated funding streams and an annual prize for Christchurch aerospace companies.

Full report: Christchurch Aerospace Sector Plan

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