Copyright in the digital age


Copyright in the digital age

An economic assessment of fair use in New Zealand

Deloitte Access Economics has analysed the impact of shifting from the current fair dealing system to a more flexible approach to copyright law, as well as the key benefits and costs of doing so.

Digital technologies are not only changing the way society communicates but also the way we search for and use information. Digital technologies are increasingly being drawn upon for ideas generation, innovation and dissemination.

The digital economy represents a big opportunity for New Zealand. Information and communication technology and high-tech manufacturing contributed $16.2 billion to the New Zealand economy in 2015, with nearly 120,000 people employed between the two sectors.

For New Zealand to be well-placed to realise the opportunities associated with the digital economy, it is important for current legal and regulatory frameworks to reflect the way people use and create copyright material. There has been an ongoing discussion in New Zealand regarding the flexibility of the existing copyright regime, including the merits of introducing fair use, to support innovation in a rapidly changing technological environment.

Copyright in the digital age
An economic assessment of fair use in Australia

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