Deloitte Access Economics Demographic Model of New Zealand

Demographic forecast insights

Deloitte Access Economics’ in-house demographic model provides robust forecasts of population, international and inter-regional migration, fertility and mortality forecasts, at the national, regional and district level. The forecasts offer insight into the changing demographic landscape across New Zealand.

Demographic modelling forms part of a range of services we offer our clients, including providing an evidence base for strategies, policy advice, research and analysis, or addressing specific client questions.

As an example, our demographic forecasts can provide insight into the age composition and growth expectations of a region to help inform questions such as:

  • What will demand for health care look like for this region in 10 years’ time?
  • How might my company’s customer base change over time?
  • How many children might need early childhood education in this area in the next 5 years?
  • Where should my company open its next site?

Understanding how our population is likely to change in composition helps our clients to plan for the future.  We can also undertake scenario analysis to help clients deal with uncertainty and answer the “what if?” question for a host of possible events or outcomes.

This enables businesses to make informed strategic decisions with much greater confidence. Similarly, for government, identifying demographic trends is important to inform planning for infrastructure, public amenities and services.

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