Demystifying Data Report 2021

How organisations are adapting to change with data maturity

COVID-19 has created a shift for business and created acceleration in the workplace as we’ve adopted to online working.

Data has played a critical role in the pandemic and has helped organisations make informed decisions. This has included everything from vaccine development, customer sentiment and engagement to inventory and sales management and crucially employee safety.

In a new report, Demystifying Data 2021, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Deloitte Access Economics, reveals how organisations are adapting to this change and how they’re working on improving data maturity.

Demystifying Data 2021 is the second edition of a report that analyses the data maturity of 500 organisations across Australia and New Zealand. The report looks at what would be expected with data use during an incredible year of change and digitisation. The report does a deep dive into how organisations can succeed in driving data maturity and why it’s now more important than ever that businesses grow and adapt in this space.

Read our full report here and reach out to our specialists for more information.

Demystifying data 2021 report

“There is significant economic opportunity for New Zealand from data analytics and machine learning. Businesses can use data to make better decisions, reach more customers and lift productivity. But what this new research report shows is that businesses could be doing more to increase their use of data and the value they get from it. The good news is, there are clear steps organisations can take to accelerate their path to data mastery, including upskilling their teams and engaging senior leaders as data analytics champions to make the most of the opportunity.”  - Liza Van Der Merwe, Director, Deloitte Access Economics

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