Naturally resourceful


Oil and gas

Naturally resourceful

We work with the largest oil and gas companies around the world delivering a comprehensive range of skills to companies in all segments of the oil and gas industry.

No matter the complexities or location - Deloitte is ready to help maximise your business potential.

Oil and gas exploration in New Zealand is at unprecedented levels with the expansion of activity into new and previously unexplored regions and the increasing presence of major international oil and gas companies in New Zealand.  

Technological advances and changes in the environment are creating a market that demands quick thinking. If you want to be a winner in this rapidly changing energy market you’ll need to turn these challenges to your advantage and seize the opportunities they create.

We can draw on our international and domestic experience to help you succeed in this dynamic market by working with you on:

  • Operational performance analysis and strategies for operational excellence
  • Measurement and reporting of environmental obligations and sustainability reporting
  • Growth and consolidation of market position through merger and acquisition
  • Development of strategies for comprehensive risk analysis and management
  • Health and safety governance and management
  • Managing compliance obligations such as financial reporting and tax
  • Crisis management, whether cyber breaches, technology failures or in response to natural disasters.