Actuarial services

Banking, insurance, health, superannuation, wealth management

Deloitte has extensive experience in banking, life insurance, wealth management, health, general insurance, superannuation and valuations.

Demand for actuarial consulting services and modelling work is increasing across the globe, in particular from the various new requirements in the insurance industry such as Solvency II and IFRS 4 Phase II. In addition to regulatory reform, organisations are looking to leverage analytics that utilise both new and traditional sources of information to help shape business strategies and improve performance.

Our approach is to partner with our clients and transfer knowledge. We aim to attain and sustain profitable growth and financial stability through insightful strategy and valuable technical analysis. A combination of disciplines and a broad range of client service teams' allow us to see clearly and deeply into the business of our clients, creating greater value for them. 

Deloitte’s actuarial & insurance solutions practice has a proven track record of helping companies make better-informed decisions regarding insurance liabilities, assets, capital management, performance measurement, growth, and risk. Our actuaries maintain high standards of technical excellence and work collaboratively across multiple disciplines to provide integrated solutions.

How we can help you:
  • Actuarial opinions
  • Financial reporting
  • Asset & liability management
  • Risk & capital management
  • M&A due diligence
  • Audit support