Corporate Simplification


Corporate Simplification

Delivering optimal simplification solutions to help your organisation reduce costs and drive value

Winding down, closing, or eliminating unwanted companies can help organisations reduce costly inefficiencies and mitigate risk. We deliver robust solutions that enable corporates to streamline legal structures and exit non-core businesses and operations in ways that maximise value for all stakeholders.

As organisations grow, it’s easy for them to become increasingly complex and unwieldy, slowing down business transactions and tying up management time in compliance. By simplifying your corporate structure, you can save money, reduce risk and inefficiencies, and make governance and compliance more straightforward.

Deloitte’s specialists draw on deep restructuring experience across sectors to provide pragmatic commercial advice and effective corporate simplification solutions. We work closely with industry and functional experts across New Zealand and our global network as we implement our solutions, enabling us to provide a distinctive client experience.

Where appropriate, we can also act as liquidators for solvent members’ liquidations.

Corporate simplification

We typically help organisations dispose of entities – both active and dormant – where the underlying business is either ceasing or being restructured. In this case, Deloitte can advise on tax-efficient methods to help:

  • Realise the value of company assets
  • Resolve outstanding company matters, including the settlement of creditor claims
  • Distribute surplus assets to stakeholders.

Solvent liquidations

If a company is no longer required by shareholders or a holding company, it may go into liquidation. Our expert team can assist in all stages of the solvent liquidation process and help companies maximise benefits through:

  • Group simplification, where dormant legal entities are eliminated to achieve a more cost-efficient company structure
  • Savings in audit and accounting costs
  • Savings in management time preparing financial information, tax returns and annual returns.

If you would like to discuss corporate simplification for your business, please contact one of our Turnaround & Restructuring team.


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