Financial modelling


Financial Modelling

A financial model serves as a very important decision-making tool in business and its development requires highly specialised skills in various disciplines, financial modeling best practice and methodologies. A financial model lies at the heart of the decision making process in most business situations.

We help clients design bespoke planning and decision support tools, often working with and drawing upon the full capability of the firm. Our skill lies in an ability to distil complex business situations, translating and reflecting these into useful financial models that can provide deeper insight and better enable the decision making process.

Robust financial modelling requires a detailed understanding of commercial practicalities, accounting and finance knowledge, technical ability, quantitative analysis and logic.

With a dedicated business modelling team, Deloitte can help enhance your understanding with insightful analysis, enabling you to make better decisions and achieve greater stakeholder value. We can design and build robust, reliable financial models suited to your needs. We are also able to review your existing financial model to ensure that it is reliable by testing its mathematical accuracy, confirming that its logic is consistent with the commercial drivers of the business, and reviewing the reasonableness of the input assumptions. 

Financial modelling assists the decision making process for: 

  • Investment / new business evaluation
  • Business planning, budgeting and forecasting
  • Capital structuring, (re)financing and credit rating
  • Contract management and analysis
  • Financial statement development
  • Pricing and costing analysis
  • Project finance
  • Strategy / policy simulation
  • Tender evaluation
  • Treasury management
  • Tax planning
  • Workforce planning
  •  Working capital management