Investigations and asset tracing


Investigations and asset tracing

Tracing and chasing the money trail

Is your business profitable but still running out of cash? Have you regained control of the business but the assets and intellectual property you thought were there have now dissipated?

Asset recovery is all about moving quickly. If steps are not put in place early, the prospect of finding the money, even if you can trace it, get more uncertain as each day passes.

A review of company affairs is sometimes just not enough. Our experienced forensic accounting and computer forensics professionals use a sophisticated array of tools and resources to analyse financial systems and reconstruct records to find out where funds have gone and most importantly work on getting them back. We can help you to ascertain:

  • Whether or not funds have been misappropriated
  • If so who was responsible
  • When it happened
  • How it was done
  • How to get the funds back
  • Understand the relationships between customers, workers, and suppliers