Lender solutions


Lender solutions

Helping customers navigate financial distress

Have you been approached by a customer for more money? Not sure if it is wise to extend the level of credit or lending? Concerned you won’t get it back? Don’t have the resources to investigate thoroughly before making decisions?

While as a secured or unsecured creditor of a distressed company you can rely on your legal rights, you may still be in the position to help your customers navigate through the financial distress or even deliver on their growth strategy. Before you make the decision, you’ll need to know your funds will actually help and that you will get them back.

Whether it be requests for further lending or concerns about a company’s business going forward, our team of experienced recovery and turnaround practitioners are able to quickly assess the “pulse” of the business and advise on potential options which will not only maximise recovery of the debt but also the possibilities of trading going forward.

We help New Zealand banks and lending institutions with a range of portfolio, lending and customer reorganisation issues. We use our deep understanding of lender requirements to help you make an objective assessment of the borrower, their trading prospects and your own security position by providing you with:

  • Pre lending and portfolio reviews
  • Investigation
  • Work out options
  • Enforcement
  • Recovery as receivers

These aspects can equally be applied to assessing the position of unsecured debts as well. 

We have vast experience in dealing with troubled companies and can help you deal with them whether they be customers, suppliers, or clients.