Managed Exit


Managed Exit

Delivering optimal exit outcomes through multidisciplinary, comprehensive solutions

Even the most successful companies sometimes need to divest or wind down underperforming or non-core assets. Deloitte’s Turnaround and Restructuring Services team helps organisations through this process by delivering solutions that minimise risk and maximise value.

Managing underperforming or non-core assets often involves working out how to make a clean cut, usually within an accelerated timetable. Deloitte offers comprehensive solutions to help companies evaluate their options in this situation. We draw on the power of data analytics as well as the extensive expertise in our network of global services teams and jurisdictions to guide clients towards optimal exit outcomes.

Our approach

Exiting an asset without a well-thought-out and carefully structured plan can have a negative impact on many aspects of the core business. The company may have to navigate issues relating to reputational risk and spend time and money concluding the exit.

Our team works closely with clients throughout the exit process to ensure a prompt disposal that frees up valuable capital and management time. We typically start by developing an initial strategy to minimise losses and protect our client’s reputation. We then conduct detailed planning to define exit milestones, develop a timetable and estimate exit costs. Finally, we provide hands-on implementation support, managing issues as they arise.

Key scenarios

  • Fix. If retention is an option, we collaborate with our Value Creation Services team to develop strategies. We can also provide access to Deloitte’s turnaround experts who specialise in helping clients identify and implement strategies to improve profits.
  • Sell. When an asset is underperforming or non-core, businesses often prefer a speedy outcome. This is where our specialist Accelerated M&A team supports clients looking to quickly dispose of all or part of the non-core or underperforming operation.
  • Close. Our Managed Exit specialists prepare the closure process, starting with high-level planning to identify the associated costs and risks. We then help develop a detailed exit plan and provide project management and hands-on implementation services to complete the disposal.

When a corporate entity needs to be liquidated, our Corporate simplification team can advise on planning and implementation once operations are wound down.

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