Restructuring and Turnaround


Restructuring and turnaround

Rapidly transforming your business

Developing practical solutions to resolve decreasing profit and cash struggles and ensure sustained performance for your business.

If your business is underperforming, recognising this early and communicating with relevant stakeholders in an up-front and open approach can be the difference between insolvency and building a platform for swift recovery and sustained success.

We work with our clients to develop a restructuring and turnaround plan for achieving sustained improvement in operating and financial performance. We understand the important distinction between ownership, governance and management and recognise that often the shortage of cash is not the problem – it is a symptom of other concerns.

Our team has a genuine desire to turn businesses around and, through our wealth of experience and extensive professional connections, we can help you work on, not in, your business.

To help you rapidly transform your business, we will:

  • Understand your situation by getting behind the symptoms and looking at the causes through traditional methods as well as advanced analytics
  • Impartially, and thoroughly, assess your business position and turnaround
  • Assist in identifying the causes of cash shortages, what the right level of working capital is in your business and understand the potential for improvement
  • Assess whether the business has the capability to manage change
    Work with you to prepare a restructuring plan
  • Develop action steps and a realistic timeline, that recognises your available resources, to implement the changes as well as provide ongoing monitoring program options utilising simple analytical dashboards

Connect with us today to discuss your concerns and identify opportunities to transform your business. 

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David Webb

David Webb

National Lead Turnaround & Restructuring

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Rob Campbell

Rob Campbell

Partner - Turnaround & restructuring

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