STA Travel Group Voluntary Administration/Liquidation information

This page provides information for creditors in relation to STA Travel Group's voluntary administration and now the liquidation including contact details and relevant updates.

  • STA Travel (NZ) Limited
  • IEP New Zealand Limited
  • NNS New Zealand Limited

(STA Travel Group or the Companies)

If you have enquiries in relation to a specific booking, please contact your airline, accommodation and/or other providers directly for assistance.

General enquiries:

Background information

On 24 August 2020, David Webb and Colin Owens were appointed Joint and Several Administrators (Administrators) of the Companies pursuant to section 239I of the Companies Act 1993.

The Companies are part of the worldwide STA Travel Group, a group that operates travel agencies, provides work and study aboard support services and operates an International Student Identification Card sales and distribution role in New Zealand.

Pursuant to Section 241(2)(d) of the Companies Act 1993, Colin Owens and David Webb were appointed liquidators, jointly and severally, of the Companies on 28 September 2020, by a resolution of creditors passed at the watershed meeting held under section 239AT of the Companies Act 1993.

Further correspondence will be updated regularly in the related documents below:

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