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Data Analytics

Harnessing the power of analytics to improve corporate performance

We use advanced data analytics to identify organisations' critical challenges. By combining our professional expertise with powerful analytics capabilities, we rapidly deliver more effective restructuring solutions based on smarter insights.

Our team’s deep understanding of the drivers of value, is critical to our ability to advise businesses and stakeholders facing financial distress. We use advanced data analytics and visualisation tools to rapidly determine the core issues a business is facing and help them navigate complex challenges.

Harnessing the power of analytics allows us to uncover hidden patterns and relationships buried in disparate datasets, then analyse these in a way that yields rich business insights. This means we can rapidly deliver forecasts, decision support, and recovery strategies clients need to keep stakeholders aligned and management teams focused on the areas that matter most.

Deloitte’s advanced analytics capabilities enable us to better support organisations by:

  • promptly identifying critical financial and operational issues and opportunities
  • delivering services more efficiently, along with deeper business insights via interactive dashboards
  • creating more engaging experiences for our clients and other stakeholders.

Our team is part of Deloitte’s Turnaround & Restructuring global analytics network, a vehicle for sharing best practice and tools. We also collaborate with Deloitte’s broader Risk and Financial Advisory analytics specialists. This close alignment with our wider teams enables us to partner with the relevant subject matter experts to deliver our clients the best advice.

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Rob Campbell

Rob Campbell

Partner - Turnaround & Restructuring

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Daniel Folb

Daniel Folb

Partner, Financial Advisory

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David Webb

David Webb

National Lead Turnaround & Restructuring

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