Rapidly transform your business

Can’t understand why your profit is decreasing? Are you always struggling with cash? Thinking the answer is to sell a few more units each month?

If your business is underperforming, recognising this early can be the difference between minor surgery and a major operation.

We work with management to ensure that the turnaround plan is a roadmap for achieving sustained improvement in operating and financial performance. We understand the important distinction between ownership, governance and management and can help you work on, not in, your business. To help you rapidly transform your business, we will:

  • Analyse the situation by getting behind the symptoms and looking at the causes
  • Impartially and thoroughly assess your business position and potential
  • Assess whether the business has capability to manage change
  • Work with you to prepare a restructuring plan
  • Develop action steps that recognise your available resources, to implement the changes