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Valuations are a critical component of nearly all financial transactions and they require a high degree of practical, technical and business expertise. The Corporate Finance team has, including through its global network, access to the latest financial information, data, pricing and analysis on companies and industries around the world.

Valuation is often a controversial and complex subject. It requires in-depth understanding of the market, the asset in question, the company and its competitors, financial and non-financial information, as well as factors such as the legal and regulatory environment. Valuation advice needs the right blend of analysis, experience and professional judgment

In addition to our broad range of industry and commercial experience, our valuation team has a strong set of technical skills ranging across accountancy, taxation, law and finance. With significant valuation and transaction experience in New Zealand and internationally, we can provide you with informative, independent valuation advice to assist you implement your company’s strategy.

The reasons for requiring a valuation are varied, and include:

  • NZX Listing Rules require Independent Appraisal Reports on the fairness of material related party transactions;
  • The Takeovers Code requires Appraisal Reports on the merits of transactions involving change in control of code companies;
  • Clients contemplating transactions often seek independent valuations of the shares or business assets being transferred;
  • After transactions have occurred, for financial reporting purposes the acquiring company often has to allocate the purchase price among the tangible and intangible assets acquired (e.g. fixed assets, working capital, customer lists, general goodwill);
  • We also assist clients with their on-going requirement to assess the value of their assets for impairment testing purposes; and
  • Valuations of businesses or shares are often required in commercial disputes, and we provide expert opinions and testimony in such cases.

The Corporate Finance team has extensive experience in all these areas, and has a strong reputation in preparing robust and informative Appraisal Reports and Independent Adviser’s Reports under the requirements of the New Zealand Exchange Listing Rules and the Takeovers Code.