Financial Services

Our financial services team has extensive experience in the banking & capital markets, insurance, and wealth management sectors and is supported by Deloitte's Global Financial Services Industry practice.

Financial Services businesses face challenges across the globe. New Zealand institutions have weathered the storm better than most with sound business practices and strong balance sheets.  

Success will require carefully balancing a strong customer focus with sustainable cost reduction. If you can blend strategic flair with disciplined execution to address the effects of regulation, technology change, and shifting customer dynamics you will be in a better position to make the most of opportunities that arise.


The global and local banking and securities markets have recently seen many changes and senior management must now be prepared to adjust their current processes to take advantage of opportunities that arise. Regulations are ever-changing and keeping up with them can be both timely and costly. Everyone is looking to manage costs without cutting services, aiming to keep customers happy throughout the process. With proven experience in retail, commercial, wealth management, investment, private and central banking, our team of professionals have the experience to work with the issues our clients are facing.


With the wider economic slowdown and general loss of asset values, the global insurance industry is facing increased pressures to manage risk, improve profitability while balancing the demands of regulatory changes. Our professionals work with clients from strategy definition to implementation and business transformation. We are trusted by our clients to identify and solve their most critical challenges. Our insurance offerings are comprehensive, scalable and aligned with client demand and span the general insurance, life, retirement, health, and reinsurance sectors. Globally, we have one of the largest actuarial practices in the world and serve insurance companies in more than 40 countries.

Wealth management and investment

The changing regulatory landscape, outsourcing of back-office functions, and talent retention are just some of the issues currently on the agenda for investment managers. How do you make sense of the current market – and how can you turn that into profitability and competitive advantage?