Introducing Relativity 9.3

Forensic Focus - December 2016

Deloitte Forensic are excited to announce that we have upgraded our discovery platform to Relativity 9.3. This upgrade provides additional enhancements and functionality to your document reviews and discovery exercises.

Some of the enhancements, features and benefits of Relativity 9.3 are:

  • An enhanced user interface.  Relativity has always had a simple intuitive user interface – we are able to train reviewers new to Relativity in a matter of minutes.  In 9.3 the user interface is even better;
  • Enhanced data visualisation. In Relativity 9.3 you are able to more readily explore your data by interacting with with graphs and charts to automatically apply filter criteria;
  • Enhanced analytics.  Discovery is now well and truly “big data”.  Analytics is rapidly changing the face of discovery.  The analytics in Relativity 9.3 are enhanced to deliver more power to further lift the efficiency and accuracy of the document review process.  These short videos provide insight into the power of analytics in Relativity:

Relativity 9.3 analytics

Improve review speed and quickly identify key issues with Relativity 9.3

If you would like to discuss the new features of Relativity 9.3, or if you would like to discuss your technology solution so you are better placed to respond to investigations, discovery or regulatory notices, please do not hesitate to contact Jason Weir, Mel Maddox, or Silas Dich.


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