2018 Fraud Film Festival 

This year’s International Fraud Film Festival will deliver two full days of insightful and stimulating documentaries, with each film followed by live discussion and debate from experts in the financial crime field, including investigative journalists.

This is not an ordinary conference but an opportunity to learn and network with people who are passionate about protecting New Zealand from the consequences of financial crime.

The Festival will take place at 9am on Friday the 2nd (by invitation) & 11am on Saturday the 3rd (open to all) of March at ASB Waterfront Theatre, Halsey Street, Auckland. 

The themes for this year’s event are ultra-topical: corruption, technology and dishonesty. The first day will be an industry event by invite only. The second day is a public event, with tickets due to go on sale soon.

Included in the 8 documentaries:

  • Abacus: Small Enough to Jail
  • All the Queen’s Horses
  • Banking on Bitcoin
  • Betting on Zero

Panel sessions featuring heavy hitting industry experts and business journalists will take place after the films have been shown.  For example, at the end of the day on Saturday, we are really excited to play a hard hitting Lance Armstrong documentary which will be followed by a live on stage interview with former Tour de France cyclist and New Zealander of the year Steve Swart. 

Swart rode the Tour de France as a lieutenant for Lance Armstrong. The Aucklander was there too, in 1995, when senior riders in the team, including Armstrong, made the decision to dope themselves with the blood-boosting wonder drug EPO.

Swart worked his way up to the top echelon of professional road cycling to find that drugs were pervasive, a dirty secret that was closely guarded by an unforgiving omerta. To dope or fail, that was the choice many faced.

But the hardest thing Swart did was break the omerta. He is the only one of Armstrong’s teammates to tell the truth without first being cornered by a failed drug test or compelled by a court subpoena. There was a price to pay for that.  He will be interviewed by NZ Herald reporter Phil Taylor who was with Swart when he shared what was really going on.

This is a unique opportunity for public and private sector organisations to collaborate. Our festival partners include Meredith Connell, ACC, ASB, SFO, FMA, NZI, Transparency International & Dave Clark Design. 

To view the full festival programme and ticketing information for the public day visit

For further information on the Deloitte Forensic services please contact:

Ian Tuke Partner – Deloitte Forensic and Film Festival Chair.

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