Forensic discovery


Deloitte Discovery

Connect the dots

The thought of managing and reviewing potentially millions of pieces of data can be overwhelming. You might not know where to start, or even what you have. Our team of specialists integrate advanced technology to make the process streamlined and straightforward.

Deloitte’s Discovery team is trusted to assist organisations confronted with the need to discover documents for investigation, litigation and regulatory purposes (e.g. notices from Inland Revenue, Commerce Commission, Financial Markets Authority and Serious Fraud Office).  We help clients throughout the discovery process by:  

  • Preparing clients for the Discovery process
  • Collecting evidence from a wide range of sources including email, servers, laptops, archive, mobile and social media as well as hardcopy records
  • Processing the evidence.  This includes:
    • indexing the evidence into a searchable database
    • extracting metadata (e.g. author, dates, subject, etc)
    • removing duplicate documents
    • converting scanned PDF, TIFF and other image files into text searchable format
    • decrypting password protected and encrypted documents
  • Hosting the evidence for review.  We host the evidence in Relativity, which is a class leading, web based document review platform, purpose built for investigations and litigation.  Relativity has a number of advanced features which makes the review process more efficient and robust.  Being web based (in a Deloitte data centre), it is very easy for multiple parties to access and review the documents.  We also provide documents in load file format (e.g. Summation, Concordance, etc) for clients with their own document review platform.      
Deloitte Discovery Brochure: Connect the Dots