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Anti-Money Laundering and Countering Financing of Terrorism

Deloitte Forensic

Recent regulatory changes and the Anti-Money Laundering and Countering Financing of Terrorism (AML/CFT) Act have highlighted the importance of a robust AML/CFT programme. All financial institutions play a pivotal role in the detection and prevention of the laundering of the proceeds of crime, yet detection rates are traditionally low. Improving the use of technology through enhanced data quality, optimised transaction monitoring and effective control design and implementation is key.

Since the Act’s introduction, all reporting entities (as defined under the Act) are now required to have bi-annual audits undertaken to ensure they are in compliance with the Act, by having designed and implemented an AML/CFT risk assessment and supporting programme. As a recognised market leader in AML/CFT, Deloitte’s Financial Crime team is able to offer a unique combination of expertise, relevant experience and value through globally proven methodologies and tools for meeting your regulatory requirements.

We assist our clients to meet their regulatory obligations when faced with these changes by:

  • Distilling relevant obligations from legislation
  • Measuring the effectiveness of your existing processes and controls
  • Improving your existing processes and tools to meet new and existing obligations
  • Applying regulatory technology accelerators to achieve your efficiency
  • Leveraging our experience to support you when you are faced with regulatory action.

Our multi-disciplinary Financial Crime team brings together IT specialists, former bankers, consultants and industry specialists.  The team can help you resolve a wide variety of regulatory and AML/CFT related matters, and improve your ability to meet regulatory expectations:


  • Programme assessments and readiness reviews
  • Independent audit regulatory reviews


  • Enterprise risk assessment consulting
  • Know your customer consulting
  • Transaction reviews/lookbacks/investigations
  • Model validation consulting
  • Technology consulting
  • Training