Forensic advisory



Deloitte Forensic

NZ private and public sector organisations continue to suffer financial and reputational damage as a result of fraud. There are many guises that fraud can take, and the levels of sophistication differ greatly – from trusted employees and suppliers to professional fraudsters, they are continually evolving and devising new ways to obtain funds and sensitive information - and evade detection.

Our Financial Crime team collaborates with clients every day to deploy proven prevention strategies, engage practical and cost effective fraud detection techniques and provide rapid response when fraud is suspected.

Our counter-fraud services support you by bringing together deep expertise from a number of related competencies:

Planning & Prevention

  • Counter-fraud strategy, programme development and comparing your current approach with better practice
  • Develop an action-focused Fraud Control Plan & concise policies
  • Identify your fraud risks & suggesting control design improvements
  • Testing your controls to ensure they are operating as intended


  • Detection-focused data analytics
  • Online and in-person training to engage your key detection tool – your people
  • Anonymous, cost effective 24x7 tip-off service


  • Investigations
  • Assisting with criminal action (e.g. liaising with Police/SFO) or civil remedies (e.g. employment and recovery of loss)
  • Strengthening your organisations prevention and detection controls post event
  • Improving your risk culture


  • Providing advice around what a ‘fit for purpose’ counter-fraud capability should look like