Decoding Digital Leadership

What you need for surviving digital transformation is not digitally savvy leaders

Digital transformation requires top to bottom organisational transformation, which requires leaders who are willing and able to leverage digital to innovate, fail fast and drive value in an ambiguous context. Are your leaders equipped to drive digital transformation?

With the pace of disruption driven by the digital revolution, how can you even begin to know how to address that question? We argue that the question is not really about digital at all; the issue strikes at the core of leadership itself.

It’s coming to all of us. Sooner or later. It might come from deep within the organisation, emerging through disparate teams, processes or business units. It might be forced from the outside through market disruption from challenger start-ups or innovative competitors in the market. Whichever way it comes; it will be transformational. It challenges the core of the business, its strategies, processes, operating models, margins, routes to market and customer relationships. From the top to the bottom of the value chain, it is a revolution akin to industrialisation. 

Decoding Digital Leadership NZ
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