From survive to thrive


From survive to thrive

The future of work in a post-pandemic world

While the business community continue to respond and recover from on-going challenges as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, we also should consider what the “new normal” could mean for work, the workforce and the workplace. While every organisation will face its own set of challenges and opportunities to accelerate forward, the destination is clear: to humanise the future of work.

Redefining the human dimension of work in today’s world of perpetual disruption is a continuous process. It is a way of transforming and evolving with a strategic focus on work and the organisation’s purpose, meaning, and value. It requires us to think and work differently and to constantly challenge the work orthodoxies of the past.

It’s time to move from concept to action and focus on the path toward thriving, not merely surviving. To humanise the future of work, it is imperative that we:

Re-architect work: This is the time to define new future work aspirations and outcomes and to focus on the “art of the possible” for what we can achieve using technology to enable and elevate human capabilities.

Unleash the workforce: We must challenge how we think about the workforce and use technology to help identify and unleash human potential—within and beyond the organisation.

Adapt the workplace: We cannot underestimate the organisational and cultural shifts that are demanded in the expanded work environment—which includes the ecosystem of physical and virtual workplaces—and the expectations around how to collaborate, engage, and relate to each other.

There is no “waiting for a better time.” The time to start humanising the future of work is now.

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