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The importance of lifelong learning

Pete Cordes, 23 November 2018

Social and emotional learning is one of the four key skillsets supporting success in the Fourth Industrial Revolution, along with workforce readiness, entrepreneurship and technical skills. This has enormous implications for the way businesses approach, resource and deliver learning.

Knowledge is power: Using learning culture to deliver business impact

David Campbell and Chris Boggs, 16 November 2018

The future of work affects what, how and where work is done. It will transform how organisations operate, how peoples’ skills are utilised, and the way organisations engage with their customers. Data, tech-enabled systems, and the generationally mixed workforce are three major forces that will impact work and present organisations with new ways to leverage learning.

What impact does your RQ have?

Nive Radja, 7 November 2018

While robotics, automation, AI and the like may initially appear to only positively impact an organisation’s processes, organisational leaders should prepare for a digital transformation with effects that ripple enterprise-wide, affecting numerous operating model layers. Successfully leveraging automated entities will require thoughtful change management practices and possibly an overhaul of the current operating model.

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