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2020 Global Human Capital Trends webinar resources

This year's report asks if organisations can remain distinctly human in a technology-driven world

In light of the unique challenges posed by COVID-19, the future of work has become a strong reality. Over the past few months, leaders have been compelled to make swift, bold choices in an effort to mitigate the shockwaves felt across the globe. Some of the results have been inspiring, with many leaders mobilising at rates previously unimaginable.

What’s next is critical; organisations across New Zealand have a unique opportunity to reimagine work itself, drawing on the lessons, practices, and goodwill built during the accelerated crisis response. 

2020 Global Human Capital Trends

Deloitte’s 2020 Global Human Capital Trends report offers business leaders’ a path forward to prepare for the future by embedding three attributes into the organisation’s core: purpose, potential, and perspective

  • Organisations that embrace purpose embed meaning into every aspect of work every day, playing to their workers’ complementary strengths in the service of a common goal
  • Organisations that embrace potential are designed to maximise what humans are capable of thinking, creating, and doing, enabling their people’s potential for long-term success in work
  • Organisations that embrace perspective see uncertainty as offering possibilities rather than threats, positioning themselves to take decisive action to shape an unknown future

This year’s report, our tenth annual, is the world’s largest longitudinal study of human resources (HR), talent, and related topics ever conducted. It draws on the insights of nearly 9,000 survey respondents from 119 countries including New Zealand and includes actionable strategies and stories from organisations at the forefront of reinvention.

Deloitte New Zealand hosted webinar sessions in which some of our Human Capital practice leaders and leading New Zealand organisations provided an in-depth perspective on each of this year’s trends.

COVID-19: A Human Capital Trends special report - Returning to work in the future of work

Webinar 1 | Belonging: From comfort to connection to contribution

Date and time: Wednesday 10 June, 9am – 10am

Webinar overview: In this session we explored how organisations can forge a stronger link between belonging and organisational performance by strengthening workers’ connections with their teams and fostering their sense of contribution to meaningful shared goals. This session was aimed at HR leaders and diversity and inclusion (D&I) leaders in particular but will be of interest to anyone in senior leadership or management positions in New Zealand organisations. 

Deloitte speaker: Sonia Breeze is a Partner in the Deloitte Human Capital practice in Auckland. Sonia is committed to enabling organisations to maximise the potential of their people. With 25 years of experience in human capital consulting, health care and as a CHRO, Sonia takes an integrated and holistic approach to talent and is particularly passionate about talent strategy, diversity and inclusion and operational improvements. 

Guest speakers:

  • Fezeela Raza, Principal Advisor, Diversity and Inclusion at Auckland Council
  • Marlene Strawson, General Manager, People and Performance at Mercury Energy

Webinar 2 | A memo to human resources (HR): Expand focus and extend influence

Date and time: Wednesday 17 June, 9am – 10am 

Webinar overview: In the coming decade, HR has an opportunity to embrace the future, expand its reach and focus and assume a key role at the forefront of work, the workplace and the workforce. This is a critical opportunity in the response and recovery of COVID-19. In this expanded role, HR becomes a vital enabler of an organisation’s ability to thrive in a world where the old rules of work no longer apply, and new ones are evolving rapidly. In this session, we discussed this trend and explored some of the opportunities HR can seize in order to transform the value they provide to the organisation, as well as heard from a guest speaker about the work they are doing in their organisation. 

Deloitte speaker: Daniel Chee is a Manager in the New Zealand Human Capital practice. He supports organisations across a broad range of HR and organisational change challenges, and brings experience from working with organisations across the UK, Australia and New Zealand. Daniel has led HR transformation; ServiceNow implementations; global process design for SuccessFactors; the design and implementation of new healthcare models; service and process improvement; and the development of organisational and people strategies.

Guest speakers: 

  • Michael Frampton, Chief People Officer at CDHB
  • Mark Daldorf, Head of People and Capability at Airways NZ

Webinar 3 | Beyond reskilling: Investing in resilience for uncertain futures

Date and time: Monday 22 June, 9am – 10am 

Webinar overview: Organisations that employ workforce development strategies to not only reskill workers but also build employee resilience will equip workers, and thus the organisation, with the tools and strategies to adapt to a range of uncertain futures. This trend is highly relevant now as organisations look to recover from the recent COVID-19 restrictions and adapt to, and prepare for, a world that is rapidly changing in response. In this session, we explored what businesses can do to unlock organisational potential through a resilience lens and heard from a guest speaker about the work they have done to prepare their employees for a changing business environment. 

Deloitte speaker: Philippa Jones is a Director in our South Island Consulting Team and is an experienced transformation leader and senior executive. She has a wide range of business knowledge and industry experience, including tertiary education, health, social housing and local government. Her experience spans organisation transformation and business change, organisation development, human resource management, and business operations and performance. She has led complex technology enabled transformation programmes in the public sector and is experienced in programme governance and risk and issue management. Philippa brings industry experience and perspective to consulting and has a Master's Degree in Industrial & Organisational Psychology. 

Guest speaker:

  • Kate Selway, People and Capability Director at Jade Software
  • Adrienne Sykes, HR Manager at Foodstuff South Island

Webinar 4 | Governing workforce strategies: New questions for better results

Date and time: Wednesday 1 July, 9am – 10am

Webinar overview: As workforce strategies evolve and uncertainty about the future of work, the workforce and the workplace persists, organisations need forward-looking insights on every trend shaping human capital. Organisations that begin to ask fundamentally new questions will be able to make bold decisions around critical human capital risks and opportunities. Deloitte speaker Craig Renshaw shared his experiences with improving people analytics, and discussed the value this can add to an organisation. We heard from a guest speaker about how they are using people analytics and insights to add value to decision makers.

Deloitte speaker: Craig Renshaw is an Associate Director who brings a data driven approach to projects across the landscape of Talent Strategy, People & Workforce Analytics, HR Transformation and Organisation Design. Key experience includes data-driven shared services and process optimisation, business case development, HR operating model, HR technology strategy and solution design, workforce planning and analytics based people and talent strategies. Craig has a strong understanding of a suite of HR technologies and is a regular and capable user of OrgVue, Qlikview, Tableau and Workday (HCM certified).

Guest speaker:

  • Natasha Smith, People Analytics at CDHB

Webinar 5 | Knowledge management: Creating context for a connected world

Date and time: Wednesday 8 July, 9am – 10am

Webinar overview: The power of people and machines working together offers the greatest opportunity for creating knowledge in human history. To capitalise on this opportunity, organisations need to create a culture that recognises the value of knowledge sharing and leverages knowledge to maximise human potential at work. Deloitte speaker Dan Howell discussed how this trend is in action with the organisations we work with and how learning has changed over the last ten years of the human capital trends.

Deloitte speaker: Dan Howell is an experienced transformational change specialist, with wide experience in the NZ public sector (including Defence and Healthcare) and also globally in the Financial Services, Healthcare, Mining, and Energy & Resources industries. Dan's previous projects have included experience in the implementation of high impact operating models, business and process improvement, technology implementations, process and organisational design, business strategy and overall project and change management. Dan has worked on a number of high profile global transformation efforts in EMEA and AsiaPac, acting as a trusted advisor to Senior Leadership Teams and working with a wide variety of international client stakeholders to tackle complex organisational matters.

Guest speaker:

  • Inspector Brian Yanko, Acting Manager: Mobility Group at New Zealand Police

Webinar 6 | Designing work for wellbeing: Living and performing at your best

Date and time: Wednesday 15 July, 9am – 10am 

Webinar overview: Organisations that expand their focus on employee well-being from programmes adjacent to work to designing well-being into the work itself, will help their employees to feel, and perform, at their best. This session explored what people leaders can do to strengthen the tie between wellbeing and organisational outcomes, drive meaningful work and foster a greater sense of belonging overall. We heard from experienced Deloitte Partner Victoria Yeo and a guest speaker who has transformed the culture of their organisation to put wellbeing at the centre. 

Deloitte speakerVictoria Yeo is an experienced Organisation Transformation practitioner with demonstrated delivery of complex change programmes, organisational design and transformational change working with clients to embed changed behaviours and realise benefits.

She has led change teams on a number of multi-system and process implementations in New Zealand and Asia Pacific and has commercial experience heading up an Organisational Change Management function at a large financial institution. Recently Victoria has been assisting organisations develop internal change capability and redesign of their HR Operating Model. She has delivered change through large scale transformations, design and implementation of operating models, organisation redesign and behavioural change.

Guest speaker: 

  • Superintendent Melanie Aitken – National Manager for Safer People, New Zealand Police
  • Juliet Bourke – Diversity and Inclusion Lead, Deloitte Australia

Webinar 7 | The Heart of Resilient Leadership

Date and time: Wednesday 22 July, 9am – 10am

Webinar overview: We recognise that leaders are currently navigating unprecedented challenges and uncertainty associated with the COVID-19 pandemic within a context of increasing change and disruption. In this webinar we heard from experts in the area of resilient leadership and considered some recent case studies.

Deloitte speaker: Yvette Keys is an Associate Director in our South Island Consulting Team and is an experienced organisational development and change management leader. She has a wide range of industry experience, across the private and public sector in both consulting and in-house roles. Her experience spans change management, organisation development and human resource transformation. She has led large and complex change management programmes and is experienced in talent management and leadership development. Yvette is a Prosci Accredited, Registered Psychologist and has a Master’s Degree and Post Graduate Diploma in Industrial and Organisational Psychology.

Guest speaker:

  • Artie Gindidis, Partner - Human Capital, Deloitte Australia

Webinar 8 | The post-generational workforce: From millennials to perennials

Date and time: Wednesday 29 July, 9am – 10am

Webinar overview: Today’s workforce is more complex than ever, making any single demographic lens of limited value. Organisations that understand employees’ distinct characteristics, attitudes and values will be able to bring them together in ways that maximise their unique contributions, helping them better align with the purpose of the organisation and derive enhanced meaning in their careers. Deloitte Partner, Lauren Foster, discussed how this trend applies in a New Zealand context and shared interesting results from Deloitte’s recent Millennial Survey.

Deloitte speaker: Lauren Foster leads the Human Capital practice in Wellington where she helps clients navigate complex transformations. With more than 15 years of experience, Lauren has primarily focused on supporting clients in strategic change, organisational design and technology adoption. She has also led teams to successfully drive value for clients on M&A, global corporate strategy, and projects involving training and learning strategy development. Lauren has served some of the Deloitte's largest clients in Financial Services, Life Sciences and Healthcare, Energy & Resources and the Public Sector. In her career at Deloitte, Lauren has worked across the U.S., U.K. and Asia Pacific. Lauren holds an MBA from Georgetown University and is a certified Project Manager (PMP).

Webinar 9 | The compensation conundrum: Principles for a more human approach

Date and time: Wednesday 5 August, 9am - 10am

Webinar overview: To break the seemingly endless cycle of compensation reforms, organisations need a path forward that is anchored not only on data and benchmarks, but also in a set of human principles. These principles allow organisations to make bold decisions based on a perspective that goes beyond numbers and reflects how organisations value individuals and how individuals value organisations. This session explored this trend and discussed how organisations can bring some of these values to life in practice. We heard from guest speakers about the work they have done in their organisations to transform the way they approach compensation.

Deloitte speaker: Veruschka Dyson is an experienced payroll professional from a systems as well as operational perspective. She has worked in HR/Payroll advisory field for over 8 years. She is an experienced project manager in HRIS Cloud Technologies and SaaS offerings by SAP HR/Payroll, SuccessFactors and Workday. Having led an Australia/ New Zealand payroll team in industry she has insights to client challenges with compliance and how to navigate through these. Her current area of interest is in Payroll Remediation where she manages and leads a team to provide remedial payroll outcomes for organisations.

Guest speakers:

  • Kushla Rosser, Head of Operations - People and Strategy at TSB
  • Ryan Ghisi, General Manager - Global People Programs at Xero

Webinar 10 | Super teams: Putting artificial intelligence (AI) in the group

Date and time: Thursday 15 October, 9am - 10am

Webinar overview: Organisations that actively search for strategies to integrate AI into their workforce can produce transformative business results. This event looked into how these ‘super teams’ operate and the promise they hold of allowing organisations to reinvent themselves to create new value and meaning, while giving workers the potential to reinvent their careers in ways that increase their value to the organisation and the broader talent market. We heard from experienced Deloitte partner Hamish Wilson about the Trend and how this has evolved over the last ten years, as well as from a guest speaker who has seen AI in action.

Deloitte speakers:

Hamish Wilson has worked in the Human Capital field for more than 17 years. Hamish returned to New Zealand 6 years ago from the UK Deloitte Human Capital practice where he spent a decade working HC issues for multiple clients across Europe and the Middle East. Hamish has extensive organisational and HR transformation experience across multiple industries. His experience covers the spectrum of human capital issues, including organisation transformation, change management, communications, HR operations, shared services, HR process design, organisational design and talent management. Hamish also has significant programme and project management expertise having managed several global programmes.

Cameron Pitt is a Partner in the Human Capital Consulting, and leads the Human Capital Canberra Office, whilst taking responsibility for Deloitte’s Workforce Centre of Excellence across Australia. Cameron is an expert in aligning the workforce with organisational outcomes and community / customer expectations by building capability, reducing cost and increasing workforce productivity.

Guest speaker:

Erin Greally is a Service Transition Manager for the New Zealand Police. Her role is to oversee a team of dedicated people delivering service improvements across their non-emergency network. Her team has a customer-centric philosophy, and any improvements they make, they make across their system to ensure a true end-to-end service experience. Erin is a business professional with 18 years working for Police. She has developed a love of people and technology – understanding and getting the most out of both, and how both can work together better! In her work, she enjoys working with people who design, work with and use technology for the greater good of organisational efficiency and continuous improvement. She has been involved in many innovative technology projects within Police – technology that enable electronic roadside infringements; the rollout of smartphones (and bespoke Police applications) across their frontline; Police Connect kiosks and Digital Human trials.

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