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Human Capital

Business-led, people-driven.

Our Human Capital team supports clients by enhancing their organisation’s performance, productivity and profitability. We develop organisational and talent strategies and programmes to enable businesses to reach their objectives.

We help you design and execute critical human capital programs - from business driven HR processes and systems to designing innovative talent, leadership, and change programs.

Organisations are being challenged to innovate, digitise, maximise productivity, and create new value, all while reducing risk and contributing to society at a pace that is faster than ever. At the centre of all of this is the work itself. When viewed as an outcome, rather than solely a series of processes, work becomes the primary driver of not only productivity, but also innovation, meaning and value.

Deloitte’s Human Capital professionals help organisations drive productivity, value and impact through the organisation, the workforce, and HR. Our professionals leverage research, analytics, technology solutions and industry insights to help you:

  • Create an organisation that is adaptable to change that can respond to the increasing need for transparency in the era of the Social Enterprise
  • Compose a workforce that drives productivity and value—today and in the future
  • Design all aspects of work in a way that allows the worker to find meaning in the work they perform.

Business performance is powered by the effective use of capital: financial, technological and human. Today, businesses must compete in an ever-wider arena globally while doing more with less. Human capital is emerging as the most challenging to secure, the most elusive to quantify and the most critical to success.

As the largest fully integrated HR capability in New Zealand, we have experience in:

Our consultants identify, manage and solve the people issues that cause businesses to perform below their potential. We offer our clients a unique combination of breadth and depth across the HR spectrum.

By providing and implementing innovative, integrated and practical solutions, we will work with you to understand and address your business issues to transform the performance of your organisation.

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Diversity, Inclusion and Leadership

Deloitte offers a strategic approach to diversity, inclusion and leadership. 

We understand how important diversity, inclusion and leadership are to your overall business infrastructure and the experience of your employees. We offer a strategic approach that meets the specific needs of your business, creates sustainable change and leads to a higher-performing workplace..

Future of Work: Disruption lies ahead

Driven by accelerating connectivity, new talent models, and cognitive tools, work is changing. As robotics, AI, the gig economy and crowds grow, jobs are being reinvented, creating the “augmented workforce.” We must reconsider how jobs are designed and work to adapt and learn for future growth.

Deloitte Insights Talent collection

Sweeping global forces are reshaping the workplace, the workforce, and work itself. Organisations are now rethinking their talent strategies at all stages of the employee lifecycle, vying for top talent in a highly transparent job market and becoming laser-focused on their external employment brand.

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Sonia Breeze

Head of Diversity and Inclusion

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Hamish Wilson

Hamish Wilson

Partner - Consulting

I know that people have the greatest influence on the success of any organisation. Every major organisational change, whether it’s seeking to achieve strategic objectives, looking to reduce cost, reta... More

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Victoria Yeo

Partner - Consulting

I’m passionate about change; after all it’s the only thing that is constant!  What I love about my role is on a daily basis I get to help organisations navigate the complexity of change. Whether it’s ... More

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Lauren Foster

Partner - Consulting

I help organisations and their people understand and adapt to changes driven by organisational transformations, digital disruption, Mergers & Acquisitions and business model transformations. I am a su... More