People analytics

Organisations are under increasing pressure to demonstrate the link between workforce costs and ROI, putting demand on HR functions to become more data-driven and evidence based.

Deloitte helps organisations move up the analytics maturity curve, enabling them to solve increasingly complex workforce issues and have a greater strategic impact on their business.

Companies that excel in people & workforce analytics out-compete and out-perform their peers, yet only 32% feel ready for analytics. Many organisations struggle with the scale of the data they are generating and the maturity of their own analytics capability. As HR works with business leaders, analytics is becoming critical in making more effective workforce decisions.

Deloitte helps organisations design and implement people analytics solutions that improve capability and support the development of actionable business insights.

Areas where we help include:

  • Developing people analytics capability
  • Measuring business value and ROI from HR programmes
  • Identifying drivers of people issues such as turnover or health & safety incidents
  • Measuring HR service effectiveness
  • Designing targeted and measurable HR interventions

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Why People Analytics?
Organisations are under increasing pressure to demonstrate the link between people and business value, with HR at front and centre of the debate. 


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Why People Analytics?