Delivery Confidence – Governance, People and Organisation

Building an efficient and scalable organisation, robust systems and controls to improve the confidence in delivery of capital projects and operation of the asset being created.

Delivery Strategy Development
Taking into consideration partnerships, outsourcing, procurement, and funding models to determine how a capital project or portfolio will be delivered.

Delivery Model Selection and Development
Defining scope, financial needs and sources, contractual approach, governance features and asset ownership to inform final investment decision or business case and define the key features of an infrastructure delivery model.

Target Operating Model
Designing a scalable operating model fit for purpose for the various phases of the capital project covering organisation, process, governance, technology, information and data.

Governance Structure and Process Design
Designing and implementing structures, processes and roles or streamlining existing governance that allow for effective decision-making across the programme, with clear definition of accountabilities, authority and disclosure requirements.

Organisation Design
Utilising the talent strategy and overall strategic objectives of the capital project to develop the right profile, size, and capability required across the organisation and through the various phases.

Stakeholder and Community Engagement
Understanding and assessing the stakeholder and community groups critical to success of a capital project and creation of a targeted strategy and program to influence and manage interactions to reduce complexity and risk.

Talent Strategy
Combining human resource requirements and workforce planning to allow for customized design and delivery of a comprehensive human resource strategy for large scale capital projects.

Transition and Readiness Planning
Assessing and optimising the readiness of the asset to transition to the operations phase through the identification and management of risks in order to set up the asset for efficient operation and increase return on investment.

Risk Analytics
Reviewing the adequacy of the upfront controls in place to optimise outcomes through effective identification, quantification, and mitigation of risks with the use of analytics.

Comparator Analysis and Case Studies
Conducting an analysis of the defining features and objectives of a capital project and of the sponsor organisation and its strategy to inform the delivery model selection, which is aided by pre-defined archetypes or families and supported by case studies and predictive analytics.

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