Investment Confidence – Finance, Funding and Procurement

Providing the confidence that you have maximised the value of the organisation and made the right decisions that are strategically aligned with organisational objectives to attract investment.

Strategic Option Evaluation
Confirmation that the course of action aligns with strategic objectives to move the investment forward. Providing boards/shareholders with enhanced confidence by identifying strategic options through development of flexible driver-based scenarios using tools to give visibility of multiple “what-if” scenarios to support decision making.

Portfolio Optimisation
Assisting with smart investment decisions based on facts and rigorous analysis – using the latest techniques from decision science, analytics, and psychology (behavioral finance) – not intuition and guesswork.

Capital Allocation and Efficiency
Offering quick wins and longer-term solutions, from planning to results.

Investment Appraisal 
Assisting with credible investment appraisals using an approach that considers the key aspects of the capital project, including economic demand and price curves, cost analysis, operational parameters, cash generation, project returns and the project risk register including sensitivity and scenario analysis.

Business Case Development
Providing a tailored, structured approach suitable for developing and re-validating capital project/investment business cases.

Strategic Alternatives Analysis
Enabling organisations to confirm their baseline strategy and then evaluate the execution strategy throughout the delivery phase of the capital project.

Project Finance and Advisory
Working with clients to develop project structures which are capable of being financed and are sustainable.

Contract Bid and Procurement Support
Working with both Procurement Teams and Bidders to provide support throughout the entire bid and procurement life cycle.


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John Marker

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Tim Arbuckle

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Troy Andrews

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