Cyber, Privacy and Resilience


Cyber, Privacy and Resilience

Securing Healthcare platforms utilising our cyber intelligence centre and right set of tooling to protect confidential data.

With revolutionary success of internet and mobile usage in New Zealand, the use of information technology for healthcare promotion by the pharmaceutical industry and other healthcare sectors is increasing. Information technology provides an unlimited opportunity for promoting correct healthcare practices for prevention of certain diseases, providing information for maintaining health, and other suitable information to the expected target audience. However, with its increasing usage, there are some challenges, responsibilities, and precautions which need to be considered while using information technology as a resource for healthcare promotion.

Our services

Cloud access security broker  

The Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) service provides a centralized view of cloud service or application use across the Network, helps protect data stored in the cloud, and performs anomalous behaviour detection. Through its discovery capabilities, the CASB service is able to provide detailed information on which services or applications are being used, the data that is being uploaded to and stored within them, and the risk associated with the data and services. CASB service enables action to be taken on all identified traffic and data in line. Such action includes applying controls and policies (block, encrypt, notify, and/or log), launching incident response, and feeding information to the Deloitte threat intelligence platform.

Cyber Intelligence centre (CIC)

The Deloitte Cyber Intelligence Centre (CIC) combines our global deep cyber intelligence with broad business intelligence to deliver relevant, tailored and actionable insights to inform business decision-making. The CIC fuses a number of services together to provide our clients with a truly tailored service that enables them to fully understand their cyber risks and adopt proportionate responses in an increasingly digital, interconnected business environment. Experience how our CIC works using our VR App.


Application of CASB

  • Detect shadow IT
  • Prevent data leakage
  • Respond to cyber incidents
  • Manage privileged accounts
  • Control over external file sharing

Application of CIC

  • Information security and event management (SIEM
  • Management of security tools: Including tools such as antivirus, network security and other security devices
  • Vulnerability management
  • Incident response

Application of CIC


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