Transforming patient communication through artificial intelligence

What is DeloitteASSIST?

DeloitteASSIST is an AI enabled patient communication solution enabling patients to request assistance without the need to press a button. Simply by speaking their request, nurses are alerted to their need, with AI prioritising and smart-routing requests to the right resource to meet the patient’s needs.

Key learnings from the hospital

DeloitteASSIST has received positive feedback from nurses and patients in pilot hospitals. It has provided the care teams with insights previously unavailable.

  • 21 weeks operational
  • 26 beds
  • 1361 total patient requests
  • 172 average Alexa interactions made per day
  • 100% of patients would like DeloitteASSIST to be available to them should they return to the hospital
  • 92% of patients are liekly to reccommend DeloitteASSIST to family or friends admitted to hospital
  • 87% of nurses felt more confident knowing how to respond to patient needs using DeloitteASSIST

More information on DeloitteASSIST can be found here.

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